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Lizard Lounge
Jump to new posts Re: Challenger Refresh for 2015 by Interim @ 7 minutes 25 seconds ago

Sometimes I feel like Amy is more interested in sports cars than I am. Hell, she's driven ones that cost more than I've made in my lifetime so far. So jealous. I like the refresh. The Challenger is a good-looking car.
Finds - eBay, CL, Wherever
Jump to new posts Re: Official Craigslist/eBay/other finds megathread by mp775 @ 16 minutes 37 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: mp775Connecticut: 1969 Country Sedan, 6-passenger :(, $2800 Now being parted. Posted 28 days ago, so it may be cut up already
Caring for Your Car
Jump to new posts Re: Lets talk Wax by Accumulator @ 25 minutes 46 seconds ago

Chaplain- IMO 15 hours isn't bad for that kind of correction. On the "what wax" topic, both of my Panthers wear FK1000P, switched to that from Collinite due to infinitely better durability, though I still use Collinite on our dark blue car as it
Steering, Suspension and Brakes
Jump to new posts Re: Urgent: Lowering Spring Problem by CVPIgeezer @ 31 minutes 51 seconds ago

I know this is all conjecture, but my guy tells me it not unusual to need shorter shocks, but should not be neccesary for a drop of 2". I dropped my rear 2.5" and did not need to swap shocks. My car is an '08, but we have the same shocks.
Tires and Wheels
Jump to new posts Re: what about these wheels by Brandon_White @ 40 minutes 37 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: hairy_paperclipFound this in the gallery. Difference is my car has no pushbar and single driver side unity. Can't decide if I like them... I feel they might have a different effect in person as well I think t
Tires and Wheels
Jump to new posts Re: Good deal? by Brandon_White @ 43 minutes 14 seconds ago

Alright guys, bad news, the guy sold the wheels unfortunately, he just couldn't wait until this weekend. So it looks like I'm back on the hunt for a set of wheels for the Vic.
4.6L Based Powertrains
Jump to new posts Re: Marauder won't start by junior @ Today at 01:43 PM

What type of brand of gas did you use last? I mean if you remember though.
4.6L Based Powertrains
Jump to new posts Re: Lean bank codes after 93 tune install,info?? by BlackNFast @ Today at 01:41 PM

No,i have one from a 99 lightning and my tuner is out of town so im not sure if its recommended for me to try it out or not..but yes they had 80mm mafs in that year..i do not wanna run my car lean for too long,and the stock tune blows now!!
Modular High Performance
Jump to new posts Re: Accufab plenum by junior @ Today at 01:35 PM

Yes it's backwards, since Mustangs intakes are facing the opposite of what our vics are. Some pics from my old setup when I had the Accufab.
Lizard Lounge
Jump to new posts Re: Arborsits or Landscapers, I have a tree question. by CVPIgeezer @ Today at 01:29 PM

Originally Posted By: 124netaNow Peeler! Now Whacker! Now Panther and Viczen! On Vomet! On 'Cepter! On Chipper and Boxzen! That's some good [censored].
4.6L Based Powertrains
Also just got some check engine lights, system too lean in banks 1 and 2. O/D off light also flashing on the way home, I read that can signal trans problems.
Modular High Performance
Jump to new posts Re: Motorcraft oil vs Royal Purple oil by stealth13 @ Today at 01:09 PM

Originally Posted By: RF_OverlordOriginally Posted By: BigMerc96The service guy also suggested running a quart of ATF in the oil before changing it to try and free it up, so I may try that next time if the seafoam didn't help. Don't bother. It's obvi
Body and Interior
Jump to new posts Re: Grand Marquis upper console in a Crown Vic by ponyguy @ Today at 01:08 PM

Originally Posted By: customsportsmanNo, I have not obtained one yet. My interior is kinda of a light beige color. I don't think that is what they mean by parchment. I'm thinking that the parchment is almost that very light grayish color. The ra
The Classics
Jump to new posts Re: AC question on late model CV by tsg @ Today at 01:05 PM

Use a variable flow orifice tube if possible that and an electric fan wired in to operate while A/C is on. make sure the system is properly charged I think the 134 refridgerant conversions use 85% .If everything else is O K you should be fine .
Body and Interior
I have a stock 2004 grand marquis 2 in rear deck and 2 in front door, I wanted to know all the cutouts that can hold a speaker in this car.
Body and Interior
Jump to new posts Factory radio help. Plugs are wrong. by Fordiesel69 @ Today at 12:57 PM

Bought one like this to put in my 2007: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Crown-Vic-Grand-Marquis-OEM-factory-original-CD-Cassette-radio-Sirius-capable-/370907761840?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Year%3A2007%7CModel%3ACrown+Victoria%7CMake%3AF
Body and Interior
Jump to new posts Dash trim compatibility? by jibjab90 @ Today at 12:57 PM

Hey all, looking to replace my dash trim (left and right side of the steering wheel) with that of a GM or something of the like. What years will fit into my 04? The yard I normally go to has vics and GMs up to 02 usually, will those be compatible? Th
Body and Interior
Jump to new posts Re: Repairng Rusty Rocker Panels? by Fordiesel69 @ Today at 12:54 PM

Grind it off with a dremel tool or die grinder. Paint brush on some paint, and then once dry start using a product called fluid film. This will prevent future rusting. It will need done each and every winter. Rockers rust from the inside out. No
Lizard Lounge
Jump to new posts Re: Ford plant sticker by jbaker @ Today at 12:24 PM

that email bounced back as dead,, darn
Body and Interior
Jump to new posts Re: Ford silver paint jobs? by BlaineB @ Today at 12:17 PM

It may. Those other Silver Metallic paints I saw had different codes on the tag on the cap. But apparently Advance no longer stocks Silver Frost. I wonder why. Duplicolor still makes it, apparently.
Steering, Suspension and Brakes
Jump to new posts Re: 2003 CVPI upper control arms by Wags4000 @ Today at 12:11 PM

1AAuto may only sell the stamped steel ones, but you can buy the forged ones from a number of places (rock auto, autozone, etc.) the 03-05 had forged UCAs and aluminum LCAs. in 06 they changed to both upper and lower arms being stamped steel. appa
Body and Interior
Jump to new posts Re: Grille mods-need ideas, suggestions by aknox077 @ Today at 12:03 PM

Originally Posted By: BlackVic_P71Spikes, add spikes! Ha, I imagined a spiked grille and then stopped imagining it pretty quickly.
Body and Interior
Jump to new posts Re: Brake lights not working on 07 P71 by 1 Adam 12 @ Today at 11:59 AM

Originally Posted By: 124netaIf its the brake pedal switch, why would the third brake light illuminate? Not trying to be argumentative, I don't know much about lighting. My 2000 doesn't light up any of the 3 brake lights or shift out of park when s
The Classics
Jump to new posts Re: 1978 Ford Thunderbird by eliteman76 @ Today at 11:59 AM

Very nice. My preference is to have junkyard fun, find an F series with a roller 351W and a 5 speed, and go bang gears till the 5 speed goes boom, then go to a TKO. I really like the wheels with just dog dish caps. My preference though, get some 80
The Classics
Jump to new posts Re: Tailpipes for mercury grand marquis 75-78 by eliteman76 @ Today at 11:54 AM

*edit* This is what I had done when I had my '76 Gran Marquis coupe. 460/4v/6c car.
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