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4.6L Based Powertrains
Jump to new posts Re: 2000 crown vic needs priming sometimes to start by RF_Overlord @ 13 minutes 19 seconds ago

That's the correct number.
North Central
Jump to new posts Re: Recommened Window Tint places in Chicagoland by fcastle @ 15 minutes 47 seconds ago

I know this is kinda old, but just in case. Tints Unlimited in Elmhurst, Tony did three of my cars and the work was flawless.
Lizard Lounge
Jump to new posts Re: I Like This Site by a_d_a_m @ 19 minutes 0 seconds ago

$199 for some [censored] fender stripes? Jesus.
Lizard Lounge
Jump to new posts Re: That's not gone well at all... by Bellwestern80 @ 25 minutes 50 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: pantera77I'm still saying buy a truck wagon. They are so much more useful then cars, and I don't even like trucks. FTFY Wagons are cooler, though. A truck is a truck, but a wagon, it's something else. Or he could get a Ranch
Finds - eBay, CL, Wherever
Jump to new posts Re: Official Craigslist/eBay/other finds megathread by Wags4000 @ 37 minutes 44 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: Bondfreak131978 Ford Granada Coupe This is cool. And it's a Factory 4 speed car! http://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/carsforsale/ford/granada/1666635.html ' that brings back memories...my dad had a 76 four door and a 77 two
4.6L Based Powertrains
Jump to new posts Re: 1 plug dead engine has almost 0 power. normal? by Michigansquadcar @ 50 minutes 54 seconds ago

Engines act really goofy when a cylinder looses compression, different so than a misfire from fuel or spark.
Members' Cars
Jump to new posts She's Alive!!!!! High Compression N/A Motor by junior @ Today at 11:59 AM

The day has finally come ladies and gents. I finally have the car back from Lonnie. Many bumps in the road, but we finally got her up running and driveable. Much thanks to Lonnie at Blue Oval. The wait was well worth it. I can't say it enough, b
Members' Cars
Jump to new posts Re: 1997 CHP Inservice Restoration!! *Pics!* by BigBadBlue04 @ Today at 11:46 AM

Thanks!! Some more update pics that I didn't get uploaded last night Dug the partition out And put the cross bar and gun tub in! And put the package tray and map light in
Lizard Lounge
Jump to new posts Re: Why Living on the coast is awesome! by Bangster @ Today at 11:41 AM

Then along come tropical storms, hurricanes, etc. I will stick with my day before in the sea/ocean aquatic spiders and shrimp and not deal with adverse weather
Box Tech
Jump to new posts Re: Big Brake upgrade sway bar option by JeffBoudah @ Today at 11:21 AM

I'll be rocking a wagon sway bar with my brake swap.... New rotors.
Lizard Lounge
Jump to new posts Re: Stuff you can't get on Ford/Lincoln cars anymore. by GrumpMarky @ Today at 11:20 AM

Originally Posted By: CJCCVOriginally Posted By: PHoganDiveMany years ago, I bought a Plymouth Fury, and the first time I had to put gas in it, I looked everywhere for the filler...finally got under the car, and followed the neck from the gas tank...
Members' Cars
Jump to new posts Re: 2004 CVPI repaint by Patstang @ Today at 11:16 AM

Still waiting.... Bad humidity this past week so , not ready yet. This glass hood is not perfect so, I brought him hood pins and the push bar so that I don't have to pull off the freshly painted cover to put that & the plate holder back on. The
Steering, Suspension and Brakes
Jump to new posts Hawk HPS Pads with which rotor? by PB92 @ Today at 11:01 AM

Need brakes soon. Front rotors look to have plenty meat left. What rotors work best with Hawk HPS pads?
FoMoCo News
Jump to new posts Re: Final Falcon Revealed by Chaplian @ Today at 10:09 AM

I would so buy that new. In black.
The Classics
Originally Posted By: TankredThat's what I'm excited about. I'm already trying to source the older C9oe-B heads for it. Bigger intake and exhaust valves... I don't think I'll have clearance issues but we'll see.Given that it's s a 351W and that it
Lizard Lounge
Jump to new posts Re: Oasis request by road_pizza @ Today at 09:18 AM

Check your PM.
Members' Cars
Jump to new posts Ride along in The Deep Blue Sea (no audio) by frank1380 @ Today at 09:17 AM

I finally got around to trying out the Android app Torque Pro with the Track Recorder plugin. I wedged my phone between the headrest and seatback on the passenger side. It does record the audio but I was driving my kids to school and they were sing
Steering, Suspension and Brakes
Jump to new posts Re: Squeaky brakes by drabina @ Today at 08:54 AM

Thanks for a detailed info. Will report back when the job is done. One more question, should I turn the rotors when replacing pads?
Members' Cars
Jump to new posts Re: POTM - August 2014 - Nominees (Do Not Reply) by BigMerc96 @ Today at 08:20 AM

Voting is now open, and will remain open until Noon on the 30th. Voting can be done here. Good luck!
Lizard Lounge
Jump to new posts POTM - August 2014 - Voting by BigMerc96 @ Today at 08:18 AM

Vote here and now for the August 2014 Panther of the Month! Voting will be open for 5 days. Nominees can be viewed here. Good luck everybody!
Lizard Lounge
Jump to new posts Re: What's the other car in your driveway? by tsg @ Today at 06:59 AM

2014 Grand Cherokee, 03 Tahoe, 2014 Legacy, sons 2013 Mustang GT and 04 Moutaineer. Couple of Panthers. 07 P71 and a 2000 LX HPP.
Body and Interior
I always break off that metal tab on my Fords, I hate the dinging when the keys are in the ignition. Removing the tab does not stop the headlight ding though. Also, it is possible to remove the ignition cylinder without taking off the bottom plas
Modular High Performance
Jump to new posts Re: Tuning question.. by 2004_p71 @ Today at 05:01 AM

great job man
4.6L Based Powertrains
Jump to new posts Re: My first timing chain job.. Need advice. by Dave88 @ Today at 03:16 AM

I left my valve covers on and used zip ties to hold the chains once I had the front cover off. I did that last November and my car has been good since. The chain on the drivers side had eaten all the way past the arm into the tensioner. I replaced
Jump to new posts Re: Rear End Rebuild by lowboy654 @ Today at 02:46 AM

I have the the 3.55 set up it came with that from ford, then had randys ring and pion in everett rebuild it, she still has a 3.55 locker, I get about 24 mpg on the freeway over all 20 mpg, and she can light them up but with, brand in new tires, not s
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