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Tires and Wheels
Jump to new posts Re: TPMS In a 2006? by 2007CrownVic @ 5 minutes 12 seconds ago

They all came with band sensors. I don't know if it's changed but you ussed to not be able to replace one style with the other.
Body and Interior
Jump to new posts Re: P7B Auto Lights how-to? a by 2007CrownVic @ 12 minutes 18 seconds ago

Originally Posted By casey67 I do not have the ambient sensor yet or checked if the connecter is hidden in the dash.So I don't have a "complete" system to test. cvpis don't have wiring for those extras so your best bet is to get the senso
Lizard Lounge
Jump to new posts Re: What did you do to your panther today? by Bellwestern80 @ 19 minutes 39 seconds ago

Tossed on the radio bezel and worked on wiring up the autodimming mirror in the '87. The mirror itself is from a '90 or so Continental. I didn't bother wiring in the reverse sense line, just one for power and the other for ground. I assume I wired i
4.6L Based Powertrains
Jump to new posts Re: '04 MGM - Shake Between 30-32mph by CarMon @ 44 minutes 54 seconds ago

OK thanks for the advice. I appreciate it!
4.6L Based Powertrains
Jump to new posts Re: A few issues by 85ltdcrownvic @ 46 minutes 27 seconds ago

I checked the reference voltage between the pins at the ect and the maf with both grounds. The ect was getting 9.55v and the voltage drop was about 6.14v. The maf was getting 13.9-14.1v between the maf feed and ground, and 5.8v between the maf feed a
4.6L Based Powertrains
Jump to new posts Re: Quick questions on intake upgrades by BlackVic_P71 @ Today at 05:11 PM

Originally Posted By JaxRhapsody I thought P71s had a 70mm, and the civvy cars had 65 or smaller? No, never. They always had the same TB. MAF was different on 2004+ CVPI but that's it
Body and Interior
Jump to new posts Re: Touch screen double DIN head units by Kitsuna @ Today at 04:54 PM

We are just putting a nexus 7 into my dash. I looked at units and they all cost way too much and have way too many limitations. Full tablet is what i am going with, with USB DAC to ensure audio quality.
4.6L Based Powertrains
Jump to new posts Re: Best source for FPP intake, gaskets? by ChrisM_NY @ Today at 04:43 PM

I've used Felpro from the auto parts store. With online discount and in store pickup the set was 25 bucks part no MS 96281
Lizard Lounge
Jump to new posts Re: Looking at SAP Crown Victorias by ChrisM_NY @ Today at 04:35 PM

Originally Posted By Original_LightSince I live in New England, having a limited slip rear end is extremely important. Do most newer CVPI's have it? Only if it was checked off and ordered with the additional 125.00 traction-lok option( X5 axle) Ot
Modular High Performance
Jump to new posts Re: 4v swap guys, I need your input on the throttle bo by lolnotacop @ Today at 03:45 PM

The Mark uses an oval TB, the rectangular area of the TB is roughly 6" by 3" if I remember correctly. The only reason I said 05 was that's because that's when the Mustangs went to DBW. But really any that are DBW may potentially work.
FoMoCo News
Jump to new posts Re: GT350 can't perform? by SocalSam @ Today at 03:17 PM

If I ever buy a used GT-350, it will not be from a 20 something who is wearing a backwards baseball cap. Thrashed without mercy!
Body and Interior
Jump to new posts Re: LED bulbs - what works, what doesn't? by 02CrownVicVW @ Today at 03:06 PM

Back when I had my 02 P71, I tried on those cheap eBay LED headlights with color changing tubes where you screw on these plastic tube-like covers to change the tint of the LED bulbs. Well it's a lesson I will remember for some time. One of th
4.6L Based Powertrains
Jump to new posts good torque converter? by OrlandoFLVic @ Today at 02:55 PM

what and where could i buy a good torque converter that dont cost an arm and leg?
4.6L Based Powertrains
I have just replaced one in my 2001 with a Delphi IAC, the same sticker on it as on Hitachi, i.e. it is OE. Works flawlessly.
Body and Interior
Jump to new posts Re: 2003 MGM Ash tray light? by Ponyguy @ Today at 02:31 PM

My 2004 has no lamp in the ash tray. The design looks like there might have been provision for one, perhaps in an earlier design (2003, Job1?) that was later decontented by Ford's notorious bean-counters.
Steering, Suspension and Brakes
Jump to new posts Re: Instability at moderate-highway speed. by RF_Overlord @ Today at 02:11 PM

The correct way to check lower ball joints (on these cars, anyway) is to put a jack under the lower control arm and raise it until the tire is just an inch or two off the ground. Put a pry-bar under the tire and pull straight up. There should be no p
Finds - eBay, CL, Wherever
Jump to new posts Re: Marauder with triology-EBAY by MGDriver @ Today at 01:52 PM

Originally Posted By 2000-CVPIOriginally Posted By BullOriginally Posted By 2000-CVPIIsn't the owner of that car the guy that was banned from all of the Facebook Marauder groups for being a douche bag? The name sounds familiar and I remember the Fac
Jump to new posts Re: 2005 CVPI! My First Panther! by Original_Light @ Today at 01:37 PM

How has it treated you the last 5 years? Any repairs?
Caring for Your Car
Jump to new posts Re: 2 Crown Vics | 2 many problems, need advice by Original_Light @ Today at 01:31 PM

It's obviously too late to tell you now, but it sounds like you didn't really test drive these cars or look over them thoroughly before buying them... Everyone is entitled to their opinion, although theses cars are extremely reliable for most people
Modular High Performance
Jump to new posts Re: 2005 P71 - ADTR SuperCharger Kit by shipracer @ Today at 01:20 PM

Im definitely working on that, thats kinda what everyone is leaning towards, too much boost for that BOV. The bolt for the other pulley on the timing cover, I used was definitely wrong it seems after talking with vortech it should be a hex top, I kn
Steering, Suspension and Brakes
Jump to new posts Re: Rubbery noise in the front end by CrystalPistol @ Today at 12:25 PM

Get a gallon of RuGlyde and a spray bottle and next time you have her up on a lift, liberally spray those bushings made of rubber. You can get RuGlyde in a spray bottle, not as economical over the years though. Napa sells it as does Amazon and ma
4.6L Based Powertrains
Jump to new posts Re: How do I remove this S spring in my differential by RF_Overlord @ Today at 12:15 PM

Yes, thanks...I knew the spring alone couldn't be enough...
4.6L Based Powertrains
Jump to new posts Re: Low/no oil pressure at start by RF_Overlord @ Today at 11:39 AM

That's what we're all here for! Just for grins, what brand of oil filter did you have on it?
Members' Cars
Jump to new posts Re: My Latest Panther: 09 MGM by 02CrownVicVW @ Today at 10:15 AM

Originally Posted By MGDriverFantastic find, that's a very tastefully modded car, really like it! Marauder spoiler will look great on it, too. How many miles on it? So I take it you came out of driving a VW before this from your screen name? Thank
Members' Cars
Jump to new posts Re: Chicago SAP by MIAMI-DADE @ Today at 09:39 AM

Welcome from Miami Beach!! Your Vic will be awesome when all your hard work is complete!
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