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Body and Interior
Jump to new posts 2009 Corner Lamps Power by lmrogp @ 17 minutes 28 seconds ago

I was looking at the GM wiring diagrams for 2009, and it looks like the corner lamps power comes from the Park/Tail lamps circuit. Its a brown wire (circuit 14) that powers the parking, rear and license lamps, along with the corner lamps. On my 2002
Modular High Performance
Jump to new posts Re: Pi cam and springs by 2004_p71 @ Today at 01:39 AM

Dosen't matter unless there are sing of excessive wear of the parts .
Lizard Lounge
Jump to new posts Re: Performance Driving...in a whale?! by PHoganDive @ Today at 01:33 AM

Originally Posted By 98BoatCaptainOriginally Posted By road_pizzaDon't use fuel line as it will not last at all. Go to your friendly Ford or Lincoln dealer and ask for a foot of 1L3Z-9P761-AA and 1L3Z-9P761-BA. This is special heat resistant hose spe
Modular High Performance
Jump to new posts Re: 5.4 Swap FAQ's by 2004_p71 @ Today at 01:33 AM

Originally Posted By White99MGMMy GMQ may be retired from DD duty this spring. From what I have gathered: Use 4.6 harness yes either oil pan may work stick with the 4.6 pan and oil pick up use sensors from 4.6?? yes Fuel injectors/rail and coils
4.6L Based Powertrains
Jump to new posts Re: Rare random occurrence of dead battery??? by NM117 @ Today at 12:34 AM

Bad/leaking diod in alternator? Try disconecting the power wire to alternator see if it goes away.Happned to a friends mm,and several cars at work
Body and Interior
Jump to new posts Re: Headlights suck by NM117 @ Today at 12:28 AM

Originally Posted By GoldPantherLEDs will be much brighter but the down fall is that the high beam suck plus you will inevitably blind all incoming traffic. The external harness is highly recommended because LCMs are very prone to failure even when s
Body and Interior
Jump to new posts Re: Has anybody tried LED headlights? by NM117 @ Today at 12:22 AM

This is of the bulb installed, as well as to show quality compared to a cheap set-took out of a customers car after bulb went bad(now has the Titian set),also a pic with low beam on.
Lizard Lounge
Jump to new posts Re: What did you do to your panther today? by Nick23 @ Today at 12:21 AM

New chains not good. One came off and I had to walk a few blocks in 12in of snow.
Steering, Suspension and Brakes
Jump to new posts Re: 06 p71 suspension questions by NM117 @ Today at 12:14 AM

Im not slideing tho ,i want the car to stay more level during a turn at say 40mph,its worse at 35.its hard to explain.ill have someone take a picture 2morow in a parking lot.but like if your sitting in driver seat its like the right/left picks up 1-2
Body and Interior
Jump to new posts Re: 08 vic. Odd Electrical by PHoganDive @ Yesterday at 11:57 PM

Originally Posted By kitt1993Does any one have a step by step schematic? Id like to solve this once and for all. Bryan Like this?
4.6L Based Powertrains
Jump to new posts Re: Wrench light question 2005 Crown Vic by PHoganDive @ Yesterday at 11:11 PM

Originally Posted By mdnosOriginally Posted By PHoganDiveThe wrench light can also mean a slipping transmission. Starting in 2005, they added a TSS (turbine speed sensor), which monitors the input shaft speed of the transmission. Using that in conjun
Lizard Lounge
I actually did payments for someone when I sold my '87 F150. It was simple. I kept the truck til it was paid in full. He'd give me a money order, I'd give him a receipt showing what he paid and what he owed. I didn't spend a penny of the money until
Members' Cars
Jump to new posts Re: Kennewick cruiser RE-build by a_d_a_m @ Yesterday at 09:08 PM

^exactly. The Marauder cluster is the best bet for the older cars.
4.6L Based Powertrains
Jump to new posts Re: 4x4 Panther Info by dlanes @ Yesterday at 08:29 PM

Why not just buy a ranger? They are bringing it back and it will have more power.
Finds - eBay, CL, Wherever
Jump to new posts Re: Official Craigslist/eBay/other finds megathread by Ezbok58a @ Yesterday at 07:53 PM

Originally Posted By Bellwestern80Touring Sedan saved from junkyard: Figured I'd save the Marti report, though: Now I'm not sure if JBL was standard on these, but if it was, that would be a solid indicator of how many were made based on that nu
Members' Cars
Jump to new posts Re: new member from The Netherlands by Ezbok58a @ Yesterday at 07:50 PM

Welcome aboard!
Body and Interior
Jump to new posts Re: Ford focus fog light mod harnesses for sale. by NM117 @ Yesterday at 07:33 PM

Originally Posted By GoldPantheron all OEM applications when you turn on your high beams the fog lights shut off. I don't know why exactly. Adding your own fog lights system allows you to eliminates this function. we all know these cars need more lig
Jump to new posts Re: Dutch CVPI by SocalSam @ Yesterday at 07:27 PM

Can you drive Dutch streets with your CVPI looking like that?
CVN Panther of the Month
Jump to new posts Re: POTM January 2017 - chipdog4's '99 MGM by charlieD @ Yesterday at 07:14 PM

Congrats, sweet ride! Very classy looking.
Body and Interior
Jump to new posts Re: After-market Hood Lift Supports by garndreadz @ Yesterday at 05:19 PM

Originally Posted By charlieDI had that feeling...when my hood came down and konked me on the gourd while I was topping off the coolant reservoir. Hence the immediately available 2x4 that stows well under the hood also. I stopped trusting the hood
Modular High Performance
Jump to new posts Re: 5.4 daily driver ! by Ezbok58a @ Yesterday at 05:11 PM

Nice. Did not know about it.
4.6L Based Powertrains
Jump to new posts Re: Crank, No Start, Lots of fuel by NSCVPI @ Yesterday at 04:43 PM

Also, took out the crankshaft position sensor, cleaned it up, put it back in, no difference. CEL stays off while cranking.
Body and Interior
Jump to new posts Re: Brake light switch not engaging with pedal by RF_Overlord @ Yesterday at 03:07 PM

Unplug it and shoot some electrical contact cleaner (MAF cleaner will also do) and make sure the contacts aren't burnt or corroded. Plug it on and off a couple of times and be sure it's fully seated. It might also just be a bad switch.
Body and Interior
Jump to new posts Re: Step by Step guide to hard wiring a radar detector by Accumulator @ Yesterday at 01:40 PM

Eh, I'll probably just pull down the headliner and see if there's something up there to use. I want a plug-in point up above the windshield anyhow and it seems silly to run a line all the way up to there if it already has one I can tap into...like f
4.6L Based Powertrains
Jump to new posts Re: Planing for future ,what causes 4.6 to burn oil? by CrystalPistol @ Yesterday at 11:08 AM

Originally Posted By RF_OverlordOriginally Posted By CrystalPistol except there were times they used a "Lubri Filter" brand cheaper oil filter,Could that have been "Luber-Finer"? Those are a Champ Labs house brand and are actually
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