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#2145909 - 09/22/10 11:39 PM AC Blower Motor Not Working
PKariher Offline


Registered: 11/08/04
Posts: 137
Loc: Durham, North Carolina
The AC blower stopped working this afternoon. Was working fine, sort of.

I had recently had the defroster only problem. This was fixed by replacing the o-rings on the EATC unit in the dash. Life has
been cold for about two weeks.

The AC was running great, but stopped all at once.

I pulled the EATC again and looked for the obvious.

On diagnosis, I have about 0.2 VDC at the blower.

Does this sound like the resistor block?

Do I have the another problem?

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2003 Crown Victoria LX

#2150485 - 09/29/10 06:34 PM Re: AC Blower Motor Not Working [Re: PKariher]
PKariher Offline


Registered: 11/08/04
Posts: 137
Loc: Durham, North Carolina
What luck and what a pain in the a..

The transistor set was the problem. $63 later from Ford I was set.

Just take the lower (inside) heater hose off the manifold. Go ahead and buy a new hose clamp. Only about 2 oz of fluid fell out. 8 mm all the way on those tiny screws.

Good luck to those who try it after me. Of coarse I broke a COP during the install ($65). Take the bold lose before you start.

Ice cold AC is awesome.

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2003 Crown Victoria LX

#3341873 - 08/31/16 07:57 PM Re: AC Blower Motor Not Working [Re: PKariher]
cbqbill Offline

Registered: 06/11/12
Posts: 11
Loc: Massachusetts
The blower on my 2011 stopped running this afternoon. I came out to the car, started it and there was no a/c fan. The lights on the unit, however are working.

I will be leaving it with my mechanic in the morning. Might this just be a fuse or relay?

The same mechanic replaced the orings about a month ago after I showed him oring items on CrownVic.net.

#3342834 - 09/01/16 01:10 PM Re: AC Blower Motor Not Working [Re: PKariher]
CarMon Offline

Registered: 04/19/08
Posts: 684
Loc: Southwest Florida
Tap the blower motor with a hammer and see if it starts up. If it does the motor is going bad. I've noticed the brushes get worn.

#3343961 - 09/02/16 07:24 AM Re: AC Blower Motor Not Working [Re: PKariher]
bembry Offline

Registered: 06/10/15
Posts: 96
Loc: Guam
Yep, I just had my fan and resistor replaced. Was apparently the fan.

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#3346594 - 09/04/16 03:15 AM Re: AC Blower Motor Not Working [Re: PKariher]
bspurloc Offline

Registered: 07/09/09
Posts: 649
Loc: New England
You all should have searched the Blower Motor Resistor first on here before buying one.
Mine went "bad" 2 years ago. I promptly bought a new one.
Took the old one out and opened it up to look at it. In fact there was absolutely nothing wrong with my original one EXCEPT over time it had desoldered itself from one of the main connectors.
I reflowed solder to both terminals and extra thick so it would dissipate the heat better and put it back in the car. returned the one I bought. I never updated my mentioning I did put it back in lol.

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#3346738 - 09/04/16 10:52 AM Re: AC Blower Motor Not Working [Re: PKariher]
RF_Overlord Offline
Over the Hill

Registered: 12/14/02
Posts: 4372
Loc: MA
Just to clear up any possible confusion for newbies.

If you have manual HVAC control, you have a blower motor resistor. It consists of coils of resistance wire that are switched in and out in various combinations to lower the voltage to the blower motor to control its speed. It never raises the voltage above 12V, it only lowers it.

If you have EATC, then you do NOT have a resistor, you have a BMSC: Blower Motor Speed Control module. This is an electronic circuit that uses a power transistor to "chop up" the voltage into slices to control the blower motor. This is called PWM: Pulse-Width Modulation. These pulses are always at 12V, but are turned on for variable lengths of time. It's the same principle used for the better model train controllers.

These two modules work very differently and not interchangeable.
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