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#2494078 - 04/02/12 08:17 PM [9007] SilverStar Ultra vs. CrystalVision Ultra ?
00Marq Offline

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One of my Philips Xtreme Powers went out so i decided to grab some new bulbs. The XtremePowers were nice & really bright imo but i could def still see the yellow that i really dislike. (& im not going with HID's/projector's until i get tinted & do some other stuff first- feel i should make that clear before someone says to "Get HID's!" lol)

Sylvania Silverstar Ultra have a nice (virtually) all-white look & are bright, but there's no "blue" look when u look at the bulb (i know, a some ppl think its dumb, blah blah blah, but i dig it), not to mention that ive heard some real bad stuff regarding the Silverstar Ultra lifespan (although i dunno if thats generally true for all 9007 Silverstars or not)

Philips CrystalVision Ultra have a nice, slight blue-look when u look at the bulbs when theyre on, & are decently bright. ('hoping they have a longer lifespan than what ive heard regarding the Silverstars).

So anyway can anyone add any pro's/con's from their experience(s) w/ these bulbs? (CrystalVision Ultras & SilverStar Ultras)

'& plz try to keep any discussion pertaining to these two specific brands because i have new pairs of each right now -

#2494157 - 04/02/12 10:33 PM Re: [9007] SilverStar Ultra vs. CrystalVision Ultra ? [Re: 00Marq]
TrrR Offline
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I've used the Silverstar Ultra's. Over priced and short lived. I was disappointed. Haven't tried the Crystal Vision.

Pro's and Con's - any bulb that is not clear glass is filtering part of the spectrum out, resulting in less light. Period.

Bulb designers have squeezed all the lumens you're going to get out of a tungsten filament. You can fill the bulb with exotic gases like Yak Farts and Angel's Breath and claim more light output but it's basically an optical illusion. Filtering out the yellow end of the spectrum gives a perceived increase in brightness because our vision system (eyes/brain) interprets blue as being brighter.

If you have new pairs of each, why not do a comparison yourself and share with us? Put in one set, drive down a dark road and assess the lighting. Immediately swap the bulbs and drive down the same road and compare.

Another method would be to set up a camera and take a shot of each bulb type lighting the road in front of you. Just make sure the camera position and exposure (ISO, time and aperture) is identical in each shot.

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#2494166 - 04/02/12 10:48 PM Re: [9007] SilverStar Ultra vs. CrystalVision Ultra ? [Re: 00Marq]
MercuryMan95 Offline

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I currently have the Crystal visions installed in my car and seem to think they are ok, not the brightest but far better then some. I do see a bit of yellow but that could just be my slightly yellowing lenses. Been in for about six months with no problems.

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#2494236 - 04/03/12 12:42 AM Re: [9007] SilverStar Ultra vs. CrystalVision Ultra ? [Re: 00Marq]
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I have 55W 5000k from DDM, aimed them low, never been flashed...

The single beam can be had for pretty inexpensively.


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