So the other day the airbag light was flashing 3...3...and so on before it went solid. Got my OTC 9450 code reader in the mail today and pulled these:

DTC B2292 & LFC 33

Restraint System Safety Belt Pretensioner Status (Driver Pretensioner Circuit Failure)

I have come across some conflicting info on LFC codes 33 and 34...some say 33 is driver, some say passenger....some say 34 is driver, some say passenger...I'll check both pretensioners.

I'm hoping for a loose connection. Has anyone come across this and have some pointers?

2006 P71 68K
Adco, Metco, KYB, TCE, 410, JMOD, 555 G2s, Eaton drop, Hawk HPS, drilled/slotted, Steeda UDPs, 91 tune, 75mm, SR plenum, BH1976 relay, Hellas, mint.

1998 P74 HPP 85K
KYB, ENS, Bullitts, BH1976 relay, mint daily.