i found this baby on the net while searching for high proformance vics. i wish i could V10 my vic

95 Ford Crown VIctoria, "THE SILVER BULLET" ff 213xxx miles. bought the car with a rebuilt engine two years ago for $3000 and boy is she clean.
My daily driver:) beaten everyday, bathed all the time

full synthetic/ mobile one high efficentcy oil filter/gabriel shocks/napa pcv valve/
motorcraft plugs and wires/used trans from a GM at 210000 miles/15" KICKER COMP/2200 watt kinaki amp/remanufacatered water pump from "The Zone"/used window regulator/motors in front:) windows work/Sumokumho tires 215/75/15

saving up for-
tint, dual exhaust, x pipe, thrush welded mufflers, j-mod, possibly swapping rear diff gears from 2.73 to 3.27, new subs, full spare tire, rear window regulators/motors, intake bolt, fan shroud bolt on the passenger side, 95 P71 dual exhaust w/ H pipe