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A 5-speed is a pretty cool addition to any car. So, why not a Crown Vic? :biggrin:

After completing a 5 speed swap in his 2003 CV, member FunkRider (Ian) asked me to help him organize some info on the parts and fabrication involved for those also looking to totally transform the performance and driving experience of their panther with a t-45/5-speed manual transmission conversion.

As of yet, this is not a definitive step-by-step guide by any means. Use this as a guideline to figure out what will be involved, and just what parts you are going to need and look for. 

This is thanks to Ianís hard work and research. All I did was help him organize his thoughts and add non-essential tidbits :P


  • Parts: For parts which do not have a number listed, order the part from your dealer for a 2000 Mustang 4.6l GT w/ 5-speed/t-45 unless specified otherwise. **Check back to this write-occasionally as Ian is still locating some of the part numbers to eliminate parts-counter guessing :P
    • Mustang GT T45 Transmission (-DONOR VEHICLE- (Ian used a 2000 GT))
    • 6-bolt modular flywheel (FRPP/Ford or Ram Billet Are good options)
    • Modular flywheel bolts (F6ZZ 6379 AA) (ARP P/N 254-2801))
    • Pilot Bearing (F6ZZ-7600-A)
    • T45 Clutch (10.5Ē/11Ē per flywheel choice) (Ownerís choice-Ian used a King Cobra clutch for his CV.)
    • Ford Throw-out bearing (order for 2000 GT 4.6l w/ t45)
    • Ford clutch fork (order for 2000 GT 4.6l w/ t45)
    • Clutch Fork shield
    • Ford M8 pressure plate bolts
    • Ford T45 modular engine plate/adapter (F6ZZ-7007-EA)
    • T45 drive shaft yoke (order for 2000 GT 4.6l w/ t45)
    • Clutch pedal position/safety switch
    • Slave cylinder (ie Wilwood Pull Slave or similar can be used)
    • Stock , comparable year range civilian CV/GM steel shaft,
      • -to retain or use a p71 aluminum or AMMC shaft, a 5/8" or equivalent drive shaft spacer can be used
    • Suitable t45 shifter (preferably setup with some machined parts to be located further back, though really not required)
  • Clutch pedal assembly: This will be up to you. There are MANY different clutch pedals which will work for this application - even modifying the Mustangís unit. If hydraulic clutch is desired- virtually any clutch pedal will do. The clutch pedal is up to the person swaping. A mustang clutch/brake cage could be modified onto the panther brake cage. Then run the cable quadrant and cable to clutch fork. The clutch pedal is the main amount of fabrication work involved with the swap. Finding a clutch pedal that works is up to the person doing the swap, as there are so many potential options. Ian used a 240SX pedal as he got it for free :P Here is how he got it to fit: The 240SX pedal has to be heated to have the curve taken out of it so it doesn't hit the brake pedal. After straightening it also needed to be shortened. Some people cut the middle out of the pedal arm and reweld it back into one. Ian chose to grind the welds on the pedal pad off the arm cut it at the bottom to where I need it and reweld the pad higher up. This is a better method than rewelding the arm as it is thick steel and would require multiple passes which could be questionable for those who are untrained The clutch pedal mounts right where the PCM resides. (hence PCM relocation ***Non-issue for 05+ owners) Any surrounding gaps should be sealed/weatherproofed to prevent moisture intrusion/ cabin water leaks. The PCM can be mounted on the fender liner. (ala 05+ panthers) The spot is fairly moisture resistant (save for engine washing) - but a water tight case for it would be ideal Youíre on your own for the water-tight (or close to it) case. But it should be easy enough. Pictures: The clutch master, resting in itís new position - where the PCM resides on -04 models (hence PCM relocation ***Non-issue for 05+ owners) (click for fullsize) (click for fullsize) Ianís modified Nissan 240SX clutch pedal assembly: (click for fullsize) (click for fullsize) Pedal position - NOTE: This is not the final position, the clutch pedal was not mounted at the time and was somewhat off when the picture was taken. For reference purposes only (click for fullsize) (click for fullsize)
  • Technical Notes:
    • 4R70W and the non-Cobra T45 have the trans mount in the same spot. Use a GT t45 to save some headache.
      • 96-98 GT uses a unique transmission case, the Cobra uses one that I THINK is the same as the 99+ cases. The GT case has the mount further back.
      • -Again, the cobra T45 has a unique trans mount location
    • PCM will require relocation. On -04 models the PCM should be preferably moved to a moisture resistant area (in cabin) or, more easily in the engine compartment in a weather sealed Ďboxí
    • 02 Sensor wiring must be salvaged from AUTO trans harness
    • Tuning is required - I recommend Lonnie @ www.blueovalchips.com He specializes in unique swaps.
    • After you remove the column shifter, shift tube, shift cable etc. - remove the auto-trans DTR (MLPS/ transmission range sensor) from the original transmission, plug into the harness, and leave in the Neutral position to allow vehicle to be started
      • -Note, this should only be used a temporary solution as the vehicle would be able to start in gear
      • -The sensor should be mounted so that it isnít just loose and flopping around - otherwise it will get damaged quickly. ĎZip-tiesí may prove useful as a temporary mounting solution.
      • -The vehicle will not crank with this sensor (MLPS/DTR) absent, so make sure you donít forget to plug it in and move to neutral during initial testing
      • -The shift cable does not need to be in place for this
    • The Neutral safety switch wiring (part of/is the auto trans MLPS harness) should be wired to the new clutch pedal position switch. This will allow the vehicle to only be started when the clutch pedal is depressed.
      • -This may be required in many states in order to pass inspection
    • 96-98 Mustang t45 use a more traditional VSS system like 1992-2002 panthers. The panther VSS and wiring should be swapped over to the new trans.
    • 99+ Mustang t45 use a revised OSS for speed signal, however, it appears the old VSS can be swapped in place.
      • -This should not be an issue on 03+ panther t45 swaps, though.
      • -After the old VSS is swapped into the new trans - match the right gear to what RAR your car has depending on what output gear is on the transmission. 4R70W and T45 may have a different output gear, 5, 6 or 7 tooth.
      • -On 03+ re-use the VSS block off plate that came from your 03+ (note, later build 03, and all 04+ donít use a block off plate. One may need to be fabricated)
    • There is also a metal cover that shields the clutch fork opening from the elements. On the older mustangs it was a rubber boot.
    • The T-45 is shorter than the 4R70W w/ extended tailshaft housing
      • -For p71 and Marauder owners who wish to retain their stock aluminum (or AMMX) drive shaft, a 5/8" spacer is required
      • -A Comparable year civlian steel driveshaft can be swapped instead
      • -Town Car owners must use the drive shaft spacer option, as their is no OEM shaft available that is only slightly longer
      • -For those willing, a custom driveshaft can be made
    Pictures: Ianís 2003 Crown Victoria - sans 4R70W ;) (click for fullsize) T-45 mounted, note the transmount/cross member fitment: (click for fullsize) This is why a drive shaft spacer or civilian steel shaft swap is required for the p71s (and Town Cars/Marauders) (click for fullsize)
  • Cosmetics: This is only for those like me who are picky about fit and finish :P
    • Grab a 2001+ LX Sport Upper Column shroud (eliminates column shift lever hole)
    • 2001-2002 LX SPort Speedometer (if going in to a 1995-2002 non-digi dash vehicle), to eliminate PRND21 indicator
      • -03-05 LX SPort Speedometer if going in a 03-05 non-digi
      • -06+ LX SPort cluster if going in a 06+
      • -01-02 LX Sport speedo (only!*) will work in 95-02 CV/GM (*entire cluster will swap 95-97, 98-02 so 95-97 owners should use the speedo only)
      • -03-05 LX Sport Speedo should work in 03-05 CV/GM
      • -***06+ LX Sport Speedometer will work in 06+ CV/GM
      • -Above swaps are for Analog instrumentation only
      • -For 1995-2005 owners with digi-dash - a 2001 Sport Appearance Package w/ digital dash cluster bezel can be used to eliminate the PRND21, but good luck finding one!
      • -*** If you have the digital message center in your 06+, make sure to get a 06+ cluster w/ digital message center
    • -or- Use custom gauge overlays to eliminate indicator (analog instrumentation)
    • Electrical tape can be used in a jamb :biggrin:
    If you are capable of some crafty fab-work, a custom installation of the shifter in a LX Sport/Marauder/LSE or Continental console would look VERY slick IMO :cool: In addition, this link may be beneficial: http://www.moderndriveline.com/md_faqs/t45_1.shtml I also recommend those interested in doing this do some research on modular depot, tccoa, etc. for additional information which may not have been covered in this overview


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