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4.6L Based Powertrains
Jump to new posts Fix or toss? by young831 @ 15 minutes 38 seconds ago

In short, I'm wondering if it's worth trying to fix my 09 PI or junk it and get something else. It's a 2009 CVPI, California car, no rust. Previous police and taxi service, 135k miles, and about 3800 idle hours. It had a coolant leak that seemed to
Lizard Lounge
Jump to new posts Re: POTM November 2021 - voting by bluejay_32 @ Today at 02:20 AM

Uh-oh. I remember last time.
Members' Cars
Jump to new posts Re: 2007 CVPI - making the move from Texas to Europe by bluejay_32 @ Today at 02:14 AM

Originally Posted By GooneyBirdYep, someone has definitely been in here before. However, the window regulator seemed fine. When testing the window I noticed a wiring loom pulling tight as the window went down before going "POINK!* and stopping t
Tires and Wheels
I have Goodyear Ultra Grips, and they do make a big difference here. We get enough snow, and temps below 40F, for the compound and tread to make a difference. Studs are legal here too, but I live in town, so not really needed. I would definitely d
Steering, Suspension and Brakes
Originally Posted By CrownVicGERHallo, I have a Problem with my ABS System. When I drive, the ABS Controllight is on. When I press the brakepadel the ABS light switch off. When I make a heavy brake, the ABS is working. Anybody knows the Problem an
Steering, Suspension and Brakes
Jump to new posts Re: 2008 CVPI Recommendations for Abs controller by D-Fenz @ Today at 01:00 AM

Originally Posted By 2008interceptorSo far so good I've had it in since Monday morning and it seems to stop great, no lights on anymore. Did you buy from the one I posted or a different seller? I still need to do mine, all I did was apply a liberal
4.6L Based Powertrains
Jump to new posts Re: 2009 PI wont rev past idle in moving gears by fordoldfart @ Yesterday at 10:52 PM

This is a fly by wire car. If the range selector on the transmission isn’t set right it might not let the engine rev up
4.6L Based Powertrains
Jump to new posts Re: 2003 parts fitting what models/Catalytic delete? by Davidzq @ Yesterday at 10:20 PM

You have a 4G PCM regulated alternator. This was used on 03-04 civilian vic and MGM only. 05+ civilian and 03+ P71 used a 6G alternator. You can use the 6G alternator (including the p71 200A) by splicing on the 6G connector. The outer two wires gwt
Lizard Lounge
Jump to new posts Re: Help. Headlights and instrument panel lights out. by SocalSam @ Yesterday at 09:37 PM

Undo your mods to see if problems go away.
Body and Interior
Jump to new posts Re: Ballistic Panels Install Notes by SocalSam @ Yesterday at 09:35 PM

Installed passenger panels today. Once again, the hardest part was re-installing the window. This time, I taped the screw to the window. This was much easier. Door disassembled. Panels hang on outer sill. Location of forward threaded insert
Steering, Suspension and Brakes
Jump to new posts Re: Rearend pushing oil and feels like it's moving by 01boatman @ Yesterday at 09:04 PM

It just started leaking, as I was under there not to long ago doing brakes, and it wasn't leaking, the rear end does wine and has what I would call a slight clunk some times hitting the gas in od, but I had 2 long time ford tech look and they said th
Steering, Suspension and Brakes
Jump to new posts Re: Upper control arm bolt removal by 1990LTD @ Yesterday at 07:20 PM

Let us know how easy it is to source them through the dealership. I went to replace both of my upper arms, one bolt was seized in the arm on each side so I put it back together and left it alone knowing I was going to have to cut it out and repla
FoMoCo News
Jump to new posts Re: They Should Call it the E71 by RF_Overlord @ Yesterday at 05:35 PM

Originally Posted By Old_Guy_Stu Mostly because there's no road tax on it. How long til they fix that?People have separate meters installed for off-peak water heating. Just get one for your EV charger. Pretty soon apartment complexes will have a thou
4.6L Based Powertrains
Jump to new posts Re: Oil pressure gauge install. (With pictures!) by RF_Overlord @ Yesterday at 03:22 PM

If you want more info on the 'thick vs. thin" oil debate, go to BITOG (Bob Is The Oil Guy). Disclaimer: No, I am not that Bob, although I do post there.
Newbie Junction
Jump to new posts New Here by Carm87 @ Yesterday at 02:45 PM

Hi all, my name is Carm and I have had my first CVPI for about 5 years now (dad signed her over to me at the beginning of this year) and I'm just getting to the point of being fully comfortable with her and wanting to put time and money into her. She
4.6L Based Powertrains
Jump to new posts Re: MMC Identification by Traffic22 @ Yesterday at 02:04 PM

Originally Posted By RF_OverlordOriginally Posted By dixiebandit69That looks way too nice/ clean/ new to be a real MMC driveshaft. Agreed. How much are they asking? They’re asking $500. The lack of known identification marks was suspicious to
4.6L Based Powertrains
Jump to new posts Re: Humming/Whining noise known sources? 2007 Town Car by GMUE03 @ Yesterday at 01:50 PM

My thread might help, refer to the video posted in the thread, if it sounds similar we determined it’s likely the pinion bearing
Modular High Performance
Jump to new posts Re: Which BBK 70mm for my 2011 PI by Flyingtexan @ Yesterday at 12:17 PM

Originally Posted By tc092I have the BBK 1765 on my 08 grand marquis, and it bolts right up. I also recommend using the newer, rectangular style throttle position sensor (Part number is Motorcraft DY1164) based on watching this video. On my grand m
Modular High Performance
Jump to new posts Re: Need more power, 4.6 or 5.4 PI swap/conversion? by 2004_p71 @ Yesterday at 12:06 PM

Originally Posted By dixiebandit69^^^ Yeah, what he said. Basically, the same reason why we will never get anymore Hardballr intakes. I shoulda been a Chevy guy... wich is pretty sad as on the mustang pages and borad lots of people would be wil
Tires and Wheels
Jump to new posts Re: running 15inches on a 98/02 car by 2004_p71 @ Yesterday at 12:03 PM

meh that is a bummer . oh well , I'll do the big brake up grade anyways. thanks for the info alex
Lizard Lounge
Jump to new posts Re: Inflated P71 Auction Prices by Dmblanch @ Yesterday at 12:01 PM

Well, that tells me that live auction prices in Texas are still going high. Meanwhile, I have a solid-running, no-flaws, good tires, newish battery, no peeling paint 2005 P71 with 116K miles for sale locally at $4100, not a single call at $4100.
Box Gallery
Jump to new posts Re: 1988 Country Squire by smokeybandit2 @ Yesterday at 11:48 AM

The 55 dog dish hub caps set it off!
Jump to new posts Re: First View of the Beast by Dmblanch @ Yesterday at 11:47 AM

Yes, I found a guy on ebay selling them for $250. He was visible all along with the right search parameters, although most of the time I looked I only saw the $650 gougers. Euro taillights LED Smoke I really like them, everything works and they
Jump to new posts Re: Still own my 2002 LX-Sport by smokeybandit2 @ Yesterday at 11:42 AM

Still love those wheels after all these years, great looking car.
Jump to new posts Re: My 2007 MGM LS Premium (Vicky) by smokeybandit2 @ Yesterday at 11:24 AM

Looks Perfect!
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