No power to anything...

Posted by: paintball31390

No power to anything... - 09/14/12 11:42 PM

...So my brother's toyota 4runner is dead strange thing is that it can be jump started but only when the negative cable is connected to a ground on the top of the engine... it will not work on the negative side of the battery.

Any ideas guys? I know this isn't a 4runner forum but this could be considered general I'm sure.
Posted by: chubbs_03cvpi

Re: No power to anything... - 09/15/12 12:04 AM

U check the ground on the negative cable
Posted by: paintball31390

Re: No power to anything... - 09/15/12 03:43 AM

Too dark and he had to go to work but yeah i suggested he check the ground cable first thing in the morning. I had never run into this problem before so i figured i would ask here in case I'm not thinking of something it could be
Posted by: PHoganDive

Re: No power to anything... - 09/16/12 12:13 AM

X2 on the ground runs between the negative of the battery and the engine block...apparently the one on the Toyota no longer does that, at least electrically.