Oil Cooler

Posted by: Unforgiven

Oil Cooler - 03/25/09 08:19 PM

On my 97 is it possible to change the o rings on the lines going into the oil cooler or do I have to replace the whole line... I had the shroud and electric fan out today to check on a pulley that had been making some noise and I knew I was loosing oil just not sure from where and it is coming from the lines connecting to the oil cooler... It just started this sometime between my last oil change and now so within the past couple of months.
Posted by: Ryan514

Re: Oil Cooler - 03/25/09 09:00 PM

yes you can
i just replaced mine there were 8 total (2 on each end of each line)(2001 cvpi)
the hard part is finding the O rings

i went to Napa and they didnt have the right ones i bought one that was close but it didnt work it was too thick and prevent the line to slide in

i went to a local gasket company who told me they were metric and refered me to a local small shop that i had no idea existed which sold me the right O rings

in order to get the right ones the shop should measure them with calipers and or measure the line that the O rings go on
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Re: Oil Cooler - 03/25/09 11:10 PM

Well I have assorted sets of o rings in various sizes that I picked up from a place that deals with hydrolic hoses and other rubber products... Which is why I wanted to know if I could just change them out...

Thanks... Next question is how do they come loose? I did not look at it that closely today.
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Re: Oil Cooler - 03/26/09 12:56 PM

theres a bolt the goes through a clip that secures the lines in place once you remove the bolt you pull the lines out the connection
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Re: Oil Cooler - 03/26/09 06:05 PM

Thanks Ryan... I will get that fixed soon... I hate oil leaks making a mess everywhere