Valve seals

Posted by: Kwo

Valve seals - 08/04/09 11:30 PM

So I searched CVN all night..I have a 98 CVPI with 205K on the clock...I noticed today i ran the car for like 5-10mins, shut it off, then started it again and it smoked from the exhaust and smelled of burnt oil for maybe 30sec to a minute. Now I'm assuming valve seals..but i couldn't find a write up on it. Anyone else ever experience this? with the mileage should i even bother repairing that? or is it possibly something else? Thanx for your input
Posted by: Cam

Re: Valve seals - 08/05/09 12:24 AM

I have the same car 98 CVPI. But with 359000K. It does the same thing. I just put Bardhals No smoke into the engine. It is supposed to be running when you do this. It goes to your seals and stops oil from getting past them by expanding the seals. It was 12 CAD. since i am canadian. Hope that helps
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Re: Valve seals - 08/05/09 01:31 AM

Anything that causes a seal to swell also makes it softer, which means it will wear out faster. So you have not only oil in the exhaust; you also have this snake-oil in the motor oil, along with seal residue.

Better to just do it right the 1st time: replace the seals. It takes a special tool to compress the valve spring, but the price on it has come down from ~$100 to ~$30. There was a thread about it maybe a month ago.
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Re: Valve seals - 08/05/09 06:54 AM


Just live with it. Whats an extra quart between changes?
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Re: Valve seals - 08/05/09 08:22 AM

Cam- did that stop the smoking? any noticeable changes elsewhere?

Steve83- I'll continue my CVN search today.

Fordiesel69- I could live with it, just want to make sure its not going to effect anything else negatively in the long run.

thanx for the input gentlemen.
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Re: Valve seals - 08/05/09 08:37 AM

With any engine over 200K the smoking MAY not be via the valve seals.

Check your compression first, valve seals are LOTS of labor even if not paying I would only do it when very necessary.
Posted by: Cam

Re: Valve seals - 08/11/09 11:49 PM

Yes it did stop the smoking. I put it in and then left it till the next day. I cold started the next day while looking back out side. It just puffed very little when i did start it. The next day after, nothing. Just clean exhaust. I definately have increased power and MPG. Before i was just almost getting knocked in the seat when accelerating hard. Now, my CVPI is now how it supposed to be. Balls.
Posted by: White Falcon LS

Re: Valve seals - 08/12/09 09:00 AM

You might want to try Auto-Rx if it's too much hassle to replace the valve seals. But if you do go ahead with replacement, make sure your guides are not worn.
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Re: Valve seals - 08/12/09 12:39 PM

I've replaced my seals already. It is a lot of work, but it can be done. But someone mentioned compression, so check that too because piston rings are like valve seals, they wear out and allow oil to pass through them. I had to place both tnings on my engine and yes did it myself. Its a lot of work and time consuming task, dont expect to finish replacing the valve seals in one day if your a novice.
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Re: Valve seals - 08/12/09 07:43 PM

My opinion is with that many miles just add oil and drive it. Soon gaskets and seals will leak oil and the engine itself will wear out...oil pump, rings and the crank bushings.

When the engine dies, get a low mileage unit.

I did the valve seals on mine, $50 just for the valve cover gaskets, $100 for the tool, $30 for the stem seals.

A whole engine is $300-400. Just not worth all the expense and work in exchange for adding a little oil weekly.
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Re: Valve seals - 08/14/09 11:56 AM

I did seals on my 94 recently..drove it to colorado and back. (well over 2500 miles) it used less than a quart. sadly in my case I believe the rings are slightly worn due to running 10w30 for so long. (from about 115k to 177k .. it helped oil consumption greatly). When I had the air hose in each cylinder I could hear air escaping thru the timing Personally I found the annoying oil consumption well worth replacing the stem seals, but then again im used to doin stuff like this, and I still found the stem seals to be a b itch. Its a long job, and very tedious. you will need to find a good technique for reinstalling the keepers on the valve stem, I used a magnet and stuck one side on at a time time.. VERY