OBD location

Posted by: Brad420

OBD location - 08/14/09 12:05 AM

so I have a CEL, but have no clue where the OBD is. I looked all over under the dash on driver and pass. side and cant find it. somebody help me out please!!!
Posted by: strykerzr350

Re: OBD location - 08/14/09 01:12 AM

Your car is OBD 1 its not under the dash its under the hood it will be a connector by the Power Steering reservoir. OBD 2 Readers wont work you will have to get a OBD 1 Reader.
Posted by: Brad420

Re: OBD location - 08/14/09 09:51 AM

Can you do the old paper clip trick the same as you can with the OBD 2?
Posted by: Bangster

Re: OBD location - 08/14/09 09:55 AM

Paperclip trick is an OBD1 NOT an OBD2 trick!
Posted by: Steve83

Re: OBD location - 08/14/09 11:17 AM

Don't stick a paperclip into an OBD-II DLC. This site shows where it is on almost every vehicle.

For more info about EEC-IV codes, see this & the link in its caption: