Electrical issue

Posted by: JMPANTHER

Electrical issue - 08/14/09 08:12 AM

2002 p74 i changed my alternator, water pump, and idler pulley because i had a rattle. Good news rattle is fixed however car started fine then ran rough and stalled. Started again and ran rough then blew the coolant sensor(heard a noise and saw smoke) and died again. Checked battery(good) and got a new alternator but When you put the key in the car starts clicking but nothing else then power dies. The clicking is in the electrical system not a mechanical part. The lights flash and click but nothing else happens when you turn the key. Please help direct me to a possible cause im checking the fuses no joy but not sure about the relays? thanks
Posted by: ToadyTwoStep

Re: Electrical issue - 08/14/09 08:16 AM

Try bumping the shifter in to Park, or starting it in Neutral. I know it sounds weird, but recently my car wouldn't start either. Turns out, the shifter wasn't fully seated in Park. That's about the extent of my 2 cents...

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Posted by: Rizzo

Re: Electrical issue - 08/14/09 08:44 AM

How many volts do you get at the battery ? And have you double checked the connections ?

The alternator you got , Was it new in box ?

I am thinking voltage regulator.
Posted by: Steve83

Re: Electrical issue - 08/14/09 10:55 AM

I'm thinking you pinched some wires under the alt. rear bracket against the intake crossover near the temperature sensor.