Looking for a starter and cable harness

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Looking for a starter and cable harness - 10/20/11 09:19 PM

Last year I had a no start on my 92 crown vic when it was very cold outside
I just turned the key and t was silent than after a couple of more tries it fired up
I read about the corrosion on the starter terminals and I am thinking about changing that too if I can ever get it out
There seems to be some bracket holding the harness in the back corner of the engine but I can't see back there because of the ac box
Anyone have a part number or know where I can get one ?

I managed to get out the starter with the dreaded third bolt
The stupid service manual was useless because it still showed the one with the 2 bolts
So I decided to tackle that and in the process I actually found another method that I haven't seen yet
I cut off and modified an extension socket so it's 3-3/4" long and a deep socket it has just enough room for the ratchet to fit between the starter end and the chassis frame
I wonder if Ford has a specialty tool for that

Now I am looking for a starter either new or a rebuilt one
Anyone has any suggestions of what's best ?
The starter that was in there was pretty rusted but the sticker on it was in good shape it said Authentic remanufactured Ford Parts RM-23
I thought it was the original one since I haven't changed it in 14 years when I bought the car used but it looks like it was a rebuilt one
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Re: Looking for a starter and cable harness - 10/22/11 09:08 PM

I got the starter cable harness out
That was another pain
I had to take out the ac box to do it I just could not see where the bolt was and also there is no room to turn a wrench in there

Looks like I can remove the bracket from the wires so I could just buy the cables separately and reassemble them with the bracket

The other that wire goes to the solenoid comes from somewhere else so I probably won't change the whole thing I am thinking maybe just cut it back to a convenient spot and splice on a new wire the only thing I am debating is what terminal should I use

I saw some starters that come with a small pigtail of wire and some sort of one pin connector so I would need to find a plug that would fit that or I could get the starter with a screw terminal and just use a ring lug on it
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Re: Looking for a starter and cable harness - 10/23/11 12:44 AM

Part numbers and related info;
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Re: Looking for a starter and cable harness - 10/23/11 10:59 AM

Thamk you for the info
I looked at that a few years ago when I first thought about replacing the harness but it wasn't exactly as the 92 model
I only have one wire from the battery to the starter the other smaller wire that goes to the solenoid comes from another harness
I believe it's the transmission harness at least that's as far as I could track it

I looked up some of those part numbers anyway but it looks like they are no longer available or at least they are not in stock
I think the one I would need is the WC-8973 but since it's not in stock it doesn't really matter

So it looks like I have to make my own harness unless someone knows of an after market store/website that makes harnesses
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Re: Looking for a starter and cable harness - 10/23/11 11:11 AM

It appears the listed part for '92 was superseded by 5U2Z14300B. It carries a $160 list but can be had for $~80 online.

Nothing wrong with making your own, though - it's pretty straight forward. Follow the factory layout, use any heat shielding and brackets from the existing harness where needed.

You can also have custom cables made to match the lengths of the OE harness if you don't want to make it yourself. Remove the harness, measure length of each leg / wire and supply all the info (e.g. double ground leads off battery ground, double positive leads off battery positive, the length of each one, etc.) to the manufacturer.
Have ordered from this company before with good results:

Just add the solenoid 'S' /start wire yourself using high-heat rated 12-14awg wire with the appropriate terminals. Use plenty of dielectric or electrical grease on the starter solenoid terminal connection as it is exposed to harsh conditions.
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Re: Looking for a starter and cable harness - 10/23/11 04:02 PM

I looked at that number but it says "ROHS lead free battery terminals" which is that cheesy looking terminal that is just a metal band that I don't like

Was that part actually in stock or was that just a price list at the dealer ?
Where did you see it online for $80 if you don't mind me asking ?

I found a website that has a military stile top post terminal
It's lead type terminal but instead of a crimp terminal it has a bolt and a nut so you can add or remove individual wires
I might go that route if I have to make my own because I could probably crimp the smaller lugs easier than the large top battery terminal

I will look at that custom one too and see if that works for me
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Re: Looking for a starter and cable harness - 10/29/11 09:46 AM

Since I can't get the original harness and the custom one is not going to look exactly like the original I decided to make my own version

For the negative cable I went with the East Penn 00809 which is a straight top post (the original was a right angle top post) and 56" long which is a few inches longer so if I need to I can cut down the end and put a crimp lug on it

The positive cable has two 4 awg wires molded into one right angle battery post which I could not find anywhere
East Penn has one that is 56" long but the aux wire is like 12 awg which is too small so I could not use that one

So I am going to try a 2 piece cable One comes from the battery and goes to the distribution box and another one goes from the distribution box to the starter
So I used the East Penn 00293 which is 15" long (the old one was 12") and the other one is East Penn 00291 which is 49" long (the old one was about 53" but went all the way to the battery"

I ordered all of them from Amazon.com and paid less than $30

The only problem I see is I am not sure I can stack both cables onto the bolt at the distribution block I may have to change that bolt to a longer one

I decided to reuse the original expanding cable sleeving because I wasn't sure what material it is It must be some high temperature type to withstand the high exhaust temperatures
It's still in good shape it's just a little dirty but I can clean it up

One thing I am still looking for is that special black tape that is used to hold the push on clips in place

Anybody know kind of tape that is and where I can get some ?
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Re: Looking for a starter and cable harness - 10/29/11 12:40 PM

I bought these cables when I replaced my starter & cables.


Might be different for the 1992.
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Re: Looking for a starter and cable harness - 10/29/11 04:13 PM

Yea my 92 is different. I don't have the fusible link to the distribution box I have just a 4 awg wire and the wire going to the solenoid comes from a different harness plus I have the beefy lead terminal which I prefer over the flimsy metal band over the terminal

I did some searching on the tape and I believe it's called "friction tape" and they have it at Autozone but I got a roll from home depot because it was a few bucks cheaper but the retail box looks exactly the same
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Re: Looking for a starter and cable harness - 10/29/11 05:27 PM

Friction tape is like black hockey tape, right? lol

Also that "wire going to the solenoid" is from the trans harness, it comes from the MLPS - that won't let the car start in gear.
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Re: Looking for a starter and cable harness - 10/30/11 09:19 AM

It's similar. To be more specific I got the 3407NA made by 3M
They have some different types depending on the application
I think the one for the hockey stick has adhesive on both sides for better grip
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Re: Looking for a starter and cable harness - 10/30/11 11:16 AM

Oh cool, I remember when I rebuilt all my harnesses I ran into that tape, it reminded me of black hockey tape. They put it on the ends of some of the split-loom, and when the split-loom changes size....