Liquid (gas?) in in plugs?

Posted by: htariq

Liquid (gas?) in in plugs? - 10/28/11 09:38 PM

Vehicle in questions:
2006 P71 w/ 78k miles

Hey guys I'm having sort of a dilemma here. So I planned to replace my plugs and coils, so I pulled all the coils, then I pulled the throttle body off to clean it out, then when I pulled the plugs, when I noticed cylinders 2 & 3 had a liquid that resembled gas bubbling inside. I waited a few minutes and the bubbling eventually stopped.

Then, I replaced all the plugs and coils, replaced the throttle body and everything, and started the car. As soon as I started accelerating, the "wrench light" came on and so did the CEL. I have no idea what to do now, and I was wondering if someone else has ever had this problem and could chime in.

Thanks in advance guys.
Posted by: kdr358

Re: Liquid (gas?) in in plugs? - 10/29/11 01:33 AM

Get the code or codes pulled It could be a bad injector maybe? The CEL codes will help alot.
Posted by: Gaither

Re: Liquid (gas?) in in plugs? - 10/29/11 09:04 PM

FWIW Just a word of caution. A leaking injector can flood a cylinder (while the engine isn't runnig) which can cause hydralock (on compression stroke) and bend a rod (or worse).

'Saw it happen on an F150 V/6. A new rod & piston fixed it.