new to me '08

Posted by: bigdaddyd

new to me '08 - 07/04/20 08:59 PM

is there really no more tune up to P71's? besides plugs, fluid change, and cleaning the MAF, is there any thing else to do???

and what plugs are we using now?
Posted by: Lt_Crazy

Re: new to me '08 - 07/04/20 09:04 PM

If it's running well, then that's pretty much it!

As for plugs, from what I've read on here either oem or autolite! That's whats recommended! I just got 8 oem ones!
Posted by: TheCableGuy

Re: new to me '08 - 07/04/20 09:15 PM

Fuel filter.. can of seafoam in the tank. Air filter. Along with cleaning the MAF mine as well clean the throttle body and the intake plenum.
Posted by: ChrisM_NY

Re: new to me '08 - 07/04/20 11:36 PM

That depends. Im a parts replacer and you can do around a grand in parts replacement if your into that sort of thing, I did it gradually over 2 years

Without data logging to really pin down specific stuff, i basically went down the list on rockauto,
plugs, coils, ultra sonic cleaned fuel injectors, upstream oxygen sensors, the fuel pump itself(mine was old & weak), throttle positions sensors(1 on the pedal for 2005+ models, 1 on throttle body), fuel filter, fuel pressure sensor, cam position sensor, MAF( HITACHI MAF0012 on rockauto for 40 bucks), new EGR, "dry" air filter from AEM
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Re: new to me '08 - 07/05/20 02:53 AM

Thanks guys!!!
Posted by: bigdaddyd

Re: new to me '08 - 08/18/20 02:47 PM

new autolite's made a big difference! thanks guy!!!
Posted by: 2008interceptor

Re: new to me '08 - 08/18/20 07:52 PM

Remember if your car was flex fuel or not it uses different plugs. I believe slightly different gap and 1 heat range cooler. It sounds like if your not running flex you'll be fine, just an fyi in case you ever do.