are Xpipes worth it?

Posted by: WiGe

are Xpipes worth it? - 03/04/21 12:42 PM

Does anyone have experience with xpipes for our cars? I'd love to hear about firsthand positive or negatives experiences.

For instance, do they really hurt off the line acceleration? I'm on the fence about getting one but have heard that they reduce drone which is why I'm interested
Posted by: RF_Overlord

Re: are Xpipes worth it? - 03/05/21 12:52 AM

In my opinion, no.

Unless you have a fair amount more power and intake mods to complement it, an x-pipe will be of no benefit. One possible negative is that x-pipes produce a "higher tone" than h-pipes.

Disclaimer: I have an x-pipe on my Marauder as part of a system with Cobra manifolds and high-flow cats that I bought from Dennis Reinhart many years ago, but it also has a Trilogy Eaton supercharger and makes significantly more power than stock. I always thought my ex's Marauder with an h-pipe and Flowmaster 50s sounded more like a muscle car.
Posted by: Danger2manifold

Re: are Xpipes worth it? - 03/05/21 12:49 PM

An x-pipe may not offer any performance benefit at a stock level, but I'm also pretty sure that it isn't going to hurt performance in any noticeable fashion for you OP. If you like the sound and are trying to kill drone, then go for it. I personally went with an h-pipe when I got my exhaust fabbed this past fall because that's what I wanted for sound. The shop owner advised that the difference between the 2 performance wise for cars like ours with essentially no mods and relatively little power wouldn't be noticeable
Posted by: WiGe

Re: are Xpipes worth it? - 03/05/21 03:49 PM

Thanks for the input guys! I actually like the higher pitched racey sound judging from youtube videos. My main concern is getting rid of drone without losing bottom end. Hoping my stock cvpi wont be effected