Reseting Computer

Posted by: ltd76gold

Reseting Computer - 08/29/04 10:24 PM

Just installed dual exhaust '99 GM. Will resetting the computer "ecm" cause all memories to be reset?


user code
door locks in drive
etc etc?

Thanks guys... Did the search, tried to claw the info out of the archives. no avail

Doug k
Posted by: Colonel

Re: Reseting Computer - 08/29/04 10:45 PM

It clears your radio presets, check engine light codes.. your car forgets its idle and fuel trim settings..

door locks in drive? thats a CMOS setting that is hard wired. I doubt you will have to worry about your keyless entry code.
Posted by: ltd76gold

Re: Reseting Computer - 08/31/04 09:18 PM

Big Thanks!

And then its smart enough to know that dual exhaust has been installed. Wow

Thanks again

Posted by: Embassy

Re: Reseting Computer - 08/31/04 09:30 PM

Here is Metro's instructions on how to re-train your car's idle.
Posted by: my96p71

Re: Reseting Computer - 08/31/04 10:55 PM

I have a question about re-seting the computer I hope its ok.

I reset mine and now I notice the vic runs hotter now than it use to.Any ideas why?

Posted by: Colonel

Re: Reseting Computer - 09/01/04 12:09 AM

yes, reset your brain. check car's coolant levels

As far as resetting the computer.. I dont know which year it switched but for my 1995 and similar years all you have to do is let it idle to normal temp then drive it for about 10 miles.

Metro's page give directions which sound like from a 2000ish vic. (I've read the 1995 and 2003 manual for retraining the idle trim controls.)
Posted by: ltd76gold

Re: Reseting Computer - 09/01/04 12:15 AM

The radio memory was not lost. How long does the battery need to be disconnected? I gave it a good ten minutes.

The Idle did change, so I went thru the process metro posted anyway.

Just one of those nagging concerns about the radio memory.


Posted by: Colonel

Re: Reseting Computer - 09/01/04 12:57 AM

If the radio presets were not forgotten, I dont see how the PCM was cleared. Try 30 minutes.. leave some lights on, doors open to help drain.

You will notice a rough idle upon restart.
Posted by: ltd76gold

Re: Reseting Computer - 09/02/04 02:34 AM

I seem to remember (but can't find the thread) where removing a fuse does the deed. Which fuse and where and I'm all over it. Otherwise I'll just disconnect the battery overnight and go from there.

Thanks for the insight Colonel!

Posted by: MGM95

Re: Reseting Computer - 09/02/04 04:13 AM

I have a Mercury GM 95 and i have a workshop CD-rom with all the data you need.
When you reset the computer (according to my cd-rom) it will not clear KAM.
Could anyone help me with this??
Posted by: Colonel

Re: Reseting Computer - 09/02/04 01:22 PM

Well.. you can start by stating what KAM is.
Posted by: Chevyguy

Re: Reseting Computer - 09/02/04 02:15 PM

Keep Alive Memory This is what you are trying to empty, as the computer fills these tables with data from running the motor for some time 40 warmup cycles approx. And uses the averages from those 40 cycles to set your running parameters.

So If you make some major change or fix a broken sensor, it would take quite a while to see a difference. This is why you reset the computer.
Posted by: Toms92LX

Re: Reseting Computer - 09/04/04 06:40 AM

On a 1995 and later, you needed a scan tool to clear the ECM - pulling the fuse or battery will not reset the KAM on an OBDII computer system
Posted by: ltd76gold

Re: Reseting Computer - 09/05/04 10:10 PM

Ok, So lets see if I got this right.

#1. To clear the computers memory I need a "scan tool"?

#2. If I just drive the sucker, after 40 "startups" it will learn that it has duals? I don't have to do anything?

I'm opting for version 2,

Thanks all

Doug k
Posted by: Colonel

Re: Reseting Computer - 09/05/04 10:52 PM

There's no learning it has duals. It just has them. You car will simply perform better because of them or what ever you want to claim. Computer will have nothing to do with it. Though getting a P71 computer won't hurt!

You only need to unhook your battery to reset your computer, thus clearing the memory, clearing Check Engine codes, clearing radio station presets..

After you have you battery unhooked for about 30 minutes. follow the retraining process here..
Posted by: ltd76gold

Re: Reseting Computer - 09/06/04 11:23 PM

OK, Left the battery off while I washed the dog, fixed dinner and .. anyway 3 plus hours.

Radio kept settings.

Car runs great anyway.

Doug k
Posted by: Colonel

Re: Reseting Computer - 09/06/04 11:30 PM

What radio do you have? Factory or aftermarket?

If you did it right, should have forgotten that as well as the car forgetting fuel and idle trim controls, thus you'd have an unstable idle for awhile.
Posted by: Queen Victoria

Re: Reseting Computer - 09/07/04 03:47 AM

The stock Ford radios will remember the memories for up to about 25-30 minutes.
Posted by: ltd76gold

Re: Reseting Computer - 09/09/04 12:19 AM

Stock radio. Battery disconnected for hours. Radio kept presets.

Thats the facts. 1999 MGM

Posted by: Colonel

Re: Reseting Computer - 09/09/04 12:36 AM

That's very strange... check under the carpetting in the trunk. Do you see a nuclear reactor?

If you want to try again, leave door open, headlights on and disconnect again. 30 minutes should do it.. though your car seems to prove otherwise.