Wiper Motor Relay or Fuse

Posted by: 93sc

Wiper Motor Relay or Fuse - 07/04/07 08:41 PM

So during the little downpour we jsut had something happened with the wipers. They wont shut off, and all the delay settings are screwed up. I'm guessing the relay shorted out, but I'm not really sure. Does anyone happen to know what could be wrong or what fues I can pull so they at least stop?


Posted by: money_makin_taxi

Re: Wiper Motor Relay or Fuse - 07/04/07 09:42 PM

check the multi function switch the turn signal thing
Posted by: longshoreman

Re: Wiper Motor Relay or Fuse - 03/15/08 08:06 PM

The same thing just happened to me with my '05. I have an appointment with the Ford dealer Monday morning. Mine is covered by the after-market warranty I bought along with the car. The first $100.00 is mine, but the rest will be covered.

I wonder if I should just do this myself if it's only the switch.

Any way, if you had the owners manual you could see where the fuse for the wipers is and take it out. That's what I had to do.
Posted by: longshoreman

Re: Wiper Motor Relay or Fuse - 03/21/08 08:58 AM

Well I went to the local Ford dealer and did the coffee and dounut thing while waiting for the shuttle home. It took them four hours and it was ALL covered by warranty. First the removed the multi-function switch and tested it. Came back as fine. Then they found an "alert" from Ford that "water intrusion" issues in the motors has been documented in the Expo's and some Lincolns. So they replaced the motor.