New-to-Me 2005 P71 CVPI

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New-to-Me 2005 P71 CVPI - 09/04/21 05:44 PM

Recently purchased this 2005 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor with 159,000k miles on it. It's my new daily car and I can accept no longer having a manual transmission to drive this car.

The gentleman I purchased it from said this car was an unmarked detective's vehicle with the local county sheriff's office and still has the motor pool inventory sticker applied, and no cage was installed in the rear. It has the Street Appearance Package and therefore no push bar or light bar was installed, although the trunk does have a plug from where the CB radio antenna was installed. The center console is intact.

It is equipped with a block heater for the cold winters. I'm unsure as to when the black grille or rims were installed, or if they came from the factory as a specific order. There is no LE badging elsewhere on the vehicle.

I'm quite surprised at how comfortable it is to drive, even with the stiffer suspension. There is very, very little body roll through corners and grades although the seats don't do a good job holding you in. There is a substantial weight to the vehicle that feels good to drive, although I am still adjusting to driving RWD in the rain. I am sure because it was not intended as a patrol vehicle, it has the taller 3.27 gears; it is definitely quick but not quite as much as I am told these can be. The rear diff fluids were changed and are in good health, and I have no intention of swapping the gears.

I've just got to figure out the Code 33 Airbag light...

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Re: New-to-Me 2005 P71 CVPI - 09/28/21 09:22 AM

Nice find! The S.A.P. ones are the best ones to get!!

Welcome from Miami&NYC!
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Re: New-to-Me 2005 P71 CVPI - 09/28/21 11:37 AM

Nice find!

There is nothing taller about the gears - 3.27 is the standard ratio. 3.55 is an optional ratio, though most have the 3.27.

The car is as quick as a stock P71 is. The only way to make it quicker is to modify it from stock. If you heard others are faster, that's simply not true. All the late models had 250 HP.

And I'm surprised it's listed as an SAP. I thought the SAP included a chrome grille and door handles, and body color rear fascia instead of black plastic? The "street appearance" package should include what you see on the outside of the vehicle. I see dog dish hubcaps, lol!