need info: 63 Fairlane chassis swap

Posted by: PCP_Brad

need info: 63 Fairlane chassis swap - 01/17/09 11:46 PM

Hi all, I have had a beautiful old 1963 Fairlane since 1987 (my very first car) and I have been planning a resto for some time. While taking it apart to review where I need to focus, I have come across a lot of holes and rust outs underneath. So many so, that I would have to replace the floor pan and a big chunk of chassis to get it anywhere near safe.

My question for today is, can I realistically swap the car onto a newer RWD chassis (complete with drive train etc)? Any suggestions as to what would be close in size? I would like to keep it original looking, but maybe update it to fuel injection, coils suspension, or whatever.

I have access to a complete shop so that isn't a big deal, and time is no object. I have a lot of replacement parts already and if I only had to pick up some kind of vehicle for the donor, then that isn't too bad.....Anyone try something like this before?
Posted by: 2000-CVPI

Re: need info: 63 Fairlane chassis swap - 05/07/09 07:59 AM

The Fairlane was unibody, so I am unsure if a frame could be mounted under the car.
Posted by: RunUover

Re: need info: 63 Fairlane chassis swap - 05/11/09 01:52 AM

ya, theyre unibody like old mustangs. id just cut out everything thats rusted and replace. the front torque boxes and rear frame rails are where ou really need to look. alot of people add rails to tie in the rear frame rails to the front torque boxes on these old fords

putting a whole new frame in the car would be much much much more work

just do it the right way. if you could build an entierly custom body over frame and suspension then im sure fixing this the right way shouldnt be a big deal