Body mount bolts..

Posted by: Colt45

Body mount bolts.. - 10/31/11 04:53 AM

Long story short, I dragged the middle of the frame on pavement. When I got home and inspected it, I noted the body mount bolt just below the b-pillar on the passenger side was cocked at an angle. I put a wrench on it intending to pull it and see if it was bent, but after a few turns it straightened out. I went, "Huh?"
So I cranked it back down and other than the scuffing, it looks factory.
What did I do? Is it allowed to fix itself like that?
Posted by: TechnoWeenie

Re: Body mount bolts.. - 10/31/11 06:39 AM

that doesn't sound right. Almost sounds like the body mount sheared off....
Posted by: Colt45

Re: Body mount bolts.. - 10/31/11 09:02 AM

Thats kinda what I was concerned about, but then again it tightened down, no problem. If it separated from the body, how would I do that?
Posted by: Ethan

Re: Body mount bolts.. - 10/31/11 11:54 AM

Last time I jacked up my car, I noticed that both of my bolts below the B-Pillars on each side were slightly angled. The car drives fine, and there's no weird noises or feelings that the body is gonna slide off the frame, so I wouldn't worry.