Camshaft opinions

Posted by: Big_Pimpin

Camshaft opinions - 06/07/21 07:46 PM

For those of you that have gone to the trouble or camming a 2v motor what did you use and what were your gains hp/tq wise?

Basic supporting mods to achieve your number as well.


Looking for first hand results please.
Posted by: 2004_p71

Re: Camshaft opinions - 06/08/21 01:00 PM

Picking up a cam based on it's power gain is the wrong way to do it . You pick a cam according to your driving habit or use of the car . Dont be fooled by hp gain , it dosent matter how much peak power you gain on top if you sacrifice all of that low end power , you want to look for a broad power band .

Want to have more low end torque, fun city cruiser you can pick up a ''stage 1'' cam that can live with the rest of the drivetrain in stock trim .

Wanting a king of the 1/4 car will ask for a more radial cam profile that will at some point sacrifice driveability and will require way more supporting mods to make it worth it.

Comp cam 262AH is my favorite all around cam on a daily driver.