Cornering light

Posted by: KeslerS

Cornering light - 11/24/20 06:34 PM

Thanks for reading this post.
My query is of a 1986 LTD CrownVic LX.
I have inherited this vehicle from my father & wish to maintain it as he would. It is near perfect.
The left cornering light is inoperative & I can’t find a replacement. Does anyone have information? Bulb suppliers & car parts shops are no help.
Also , should I use synthetic oil in my next oil change? 53000 miles! It is perfect!
Anything else to watch out for in this historic vehicle?

Thank you
Posted by: Bellwestern80

Re: Cornering light - 11/24/20 08:48 PM

Corner light is probably just a burnt out bulb. It should use a 1156 bulb.

Regarding oil, synthetic is fine. If it leaks any though, you may not want your money just dripping on the ground, but that's preference. 10W-30 is recommended as it goes.
Posted by: Old_Guy_Stu

Re: Cornering light - 11/25/20 05:49 AM

Cornering light is an 1156, and it's the easiest bulb on the whole car. Socket is on top, twist it out, replace bulb, twist back in. Takes two minutes. I put LED's in mine for more light:

If a new bulb doesn't fix it, you could have a bad cornering lamp relay, and good luck finding one. Junkyard is your best bet (they're buried up under the dash). Same part for '79-91, all Panthers.

Use 5W-30 in winter, full synth for better flow at freezing temps. If you've got a leak, try adding a little brake fluid to the oil, it'll swell the seals maybe just enough.