New Jersey

Posted by: h8m3

New Jersey - 02/21/16 08:55 PM

Any CVPI owners in NJ? I'm From Howell.
Posted by: h8m3

Re: New Jersey - 02/24/16 10:30 PM

selfless bump, looking for NJ drivers to organize a meet up
Posted by: Consalam_NJ

Re: New Jersey - 10/17/16 12:46 PM

Hackettstown here....NNJ, close to PA.
Posted by: lghtnin351

Re: New Jersey - 11/19/16 10:07 PM

I just got a 2001. Its not a P71 but I love it so far.
Posted by: lghtnin351

Re: New Jersey - 11/21/16 08:59 PM

Forgot to add that I'm from Florham Park
Posted by: Ari

Re: New Jersey - 02/05/18 10:43 PM

Manalapan here. Car is away for the winter though lol.
Posted by: a_d_a_m

Re: New Jersey - 02/05/18 11:27 PM

Originally Posted By Ari
Manalapan here. Car is away for the winter though lol.
Man, Ari, long time no see here on the forums (seen ya on FB a bit)! Welcome back.
Posted by: Jph519

Re: New Jersey - 03/27/18 12:47 PM

In Glen Ridge here, near Bloomfield. 08 P71.
Posted by: Darkant

Re: New Jersey - 08/07/18 10:14 PM


2000 P71 and 2001 Grand Marquis
Posted by: HavocMan

Re: New Jersey - 02/28/20 09:10 PM

New Guy here, dragging this thread up out of the basement!!
I'm in Paterson now, moving to Pike County, PA SOON!!

My 2011 CV isn't a P71, just a CV LX, black on black, 105K on the clock.

Anyone close by have a floor console and shifter for sale? Or parts of a console for sale? I've got a set of Marauder seats on the way and I'll eventually need a shifter & console wink
Posted by: Rigo

Re: New Jersey - 05/10/20 08:35 PM

I'm from NY but spend a lot of time near McGuire AFB. I'm on the look out for a P7B.
Posted by: Darkant

Re: New Jersey - 03/15/21 07:17 PM

Anyone have a u-pull junkyard that they go to in New Jersey?
Posted by: Packman

Re: New Jersey - 04/30/21 09:37 AM

Red and Black in Jamesburg (NJ). They keep older cars in their yard; but last time I was there; I noticed they were getting rid of their box Panthers. Otherwise, I have been picking parts from them for years now.