Welcome back!

Posted by: p74vic

Welcome back! - 10/22/01 04:27 PM

Sorry about all that downtime today folks! Software problems are a pain , but we are back in business! Enjoy the forums!

[b]BTW: You'll have to re-login and set another cookie to stay logged in. If you need help remembering your password, just email [email protected] and I'll help you find it.

Thanks, and welcome back!


Posted by: p74vic

Re: Welcome back! - 10/22/01 04:31 PM

OH! And I should have Who's online back in a few days!


Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Welcome back! - 10/26/01 09:31 AM

Thanks for installing the upgrade Jason!

I appreciate all of the Tech work that you have done here on CVN. It's the people that make this site work.

Thanks to all of the members also. You guys are the best.

(Was that too sweet for most people??? Kinda sounded like it was. I'm sure somebody will point it out...)

Posted by: p74vic

Re: Welcome back! - 10/26/01 03:18 PM