CV Wheels?

Posted by: magnafan

CV Wheels? - 08/31/04 07:49 PM

I need four 16X7 steel wheels for my '00 P73--used if possible. The huge, computerized, efficient and professional (really) Standard Auto Wreckers has only one.
Does anyone know for sure where I could get four used steel wheels or new wheels at the best price in or near Toronto?

BTW, Standard wants $50 per wheel. I really don't want to pay list price at Ford.

Posted by: canadas_man

Re: CV Wheels? - 08/31/04 07:56 PM

try doms auto wrekers they have wrecked cars
Posted by: magnafan

Re: CV Wheels? - 09/01/04 10:29 PM

Thanks for the tip, Uxbridge person.

Dom's has 2, unknown condition. Standard has 1, unknown condition. One more has to come from somewhere.

Considering that they are 60% the price of a new one, and I don't know about any stress fractures, rust, etc., I might as well buy new wheels from Ford.

Posted by: canadas_man

Re: CV Wheels? - 02/24/05 08:56 PM

where are you located i may be able to get you a deal through work
Posted by: 91LTDCV

Re: CV Wheels? - 03/30/05 07:32 PM

Those wrecking yard prices are too high for these wheels. You can buy brand new ones from Ford (wholesale) for about $75 a piece. Why take a used wheel for $60 (probably plus tax) when you can get a brand new one. Wrecking yards need to charge no more than $25 a pop for used wheels. Make them an offer if you want but $60 is craziness.

You can also try Sport Tracs and Explorers. Their steel spare is the same as a Crown Vic. Also no difference between civilian and PI wheel.
Posted by: Canadasvt

Re: CV Wheels? - 04/12/05 09:35 PM

I just picked up a used set last week in Mississauga. Found them on 4 interceptor wheels,Hankook snow tires (less than 5000km),chrome police caps and all proper lug nuts for $550. I didn't bother to try haggling with the guy and he tossed in a K&N air filter too. Ya just gotta keep looking.
Posted by: Canadasvt

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