Upper control arm bolt removal

Posted by: jay_lorenzo

Upper control arm bolt removal - 10/25/21 01:24 PM

I have everything broken loose, I did a search and I cant seem to get the 2 inner bolts on the upper control arm pushed out their holes. I put the nuts back on the end and have been hammering on them but they havent moved so far. Also do I need to remove the lower strut bolt to drop the strut down? I have the 3 nuts on the top of the strut off but the lower control arm is bottomed out and I cant get the 3 bolts on top of the strut down and out from where they bolt in to get better access to the inner upper control arm bolts.

I searched and didnt find a write up on the upper control arm removal. I have a 2010 p7b and am replacing the old upper control arms with moog upper control arms.

Seemed like a simple job but I cant get those inner 2 bolts to budge. Any advice?
Posted by: jay_lorenzo

Re: Upper control arm bolt removal - 10/25/21 03:51 PM

While attempting to hammer out the bolts on the control arm, I put the nut back on the end flush with the end of the bolt and hammered it with a 3 pound sledge. The bolt moved out but now the nut appears to be smashed onto the end up the bolt and just spins when I try and take it off. I guess Ill have to cut this bolt now and get 2 new upper control arm bolts....
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Re: Upper control arm bolt removal - 10/25/21 07:20 PM

Let us know how easy it is to source them through the dealership.

I went to replace both of my upper arms, one bolt was seized in the arm on each side so I put it back together and left it alone knowing I was going to have to cut it out and replace the bolts.
Posted by: Huhnigan

Re: Upper control arm bolt removal - 10/27/21 09:05 AM

Based on several youtube videos I've watched on UCA removal/replacement, it looks like you have to drop the strut to get those bolts out. I haven't found anyone that had a trick for getting those bolts to clear the strut.
Posted by: jay_lorenzo

Re: Upper control arm bolt removal - 10/27/21 11:05 AM

I got the passenger side out by popping the top of the strut out of the housing. Ordered 4 bolts and nuts from the dealer, 2-3 days 25$ per bolt, 25$ for 4 nuts. This car spent a couple years in Ohio and got some of the gnarliest crud/crap all in the tight places. Its a Colorado car so its mostly clean but in some of the bolts its bad. I cant get the lower strut bolt to budge, got the nut loose but the bolt is in there good. Don't want to mangle it like I did the control arm bolts.
Have the drivers side halfway out just need to move the strut, ran out of time. Had to remove both wheel wells so I had enough room to beat on the bolts with a 3lb sledge. The drivers side wheel well has lots of stuff connected to it but not too bad.
I will have done everything in the front end but the lower control arms (which have new ball joints now). Hopefully Ill be good to get an alignment and new tires for winter soon. I would reccomend carefully heating the housing the bolts go through with MAP torch, this helped. Most cars dont seem to be as bad as mine based on what I see on youtube vids of upper control arm jobs.
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Re: Upper control arm bolt removal - 11/06/21 12:17 PM

Got it all done, relatively simple job minus the stuck bolts. I would put a very light coating of grease on these big bolts when you replace them/remove them. Ive done everything up front besides the lower control arms, all moog stuff now. Need to get an alignment. Im getting a popping noise now on the front passenger side, also when I took the sway bar links off for the second time, the right side had a gash in it like something was catching on it when I turn all the way. Looks like the popping Im hearing, need to figure out what is contacting it but its a bit of a head scratcher.