Continental center console install - by BigNSlow

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Continental center console install - by BigNSlow - 05/08/19 08:45 PM

Parts that you will need:

- Continental center console (be sure to grab all the wiring and mounting brackets)
- 6 bolts and nuts and a crap load of washers (you will have to figure out the size when you start the install)
- column shroud cover (Continental, CV LX Sport, Marauder, GMQ LSE, Mustangs, Ford trucks all have these)

Tools that you will need:

- screwdrivers
- socket set
- wrenches
- zip ties
- heat shrink tube, electrical tape and anything else that you would use for wiring

The task at hand is to install this,

into this,

First thing you want to do is remove the seats because it will make it that much more easier to install. The seats are held in place by 2 bolts in the front and 2 nuts in the rear. Don't forget to unplug the electrical connectors underneath before trying to pull the seats out of the car. This article may come in handy if you end up breaking the front bolts.

Next we need to eliminate the floor vent duct, otherwise the console won't sit in place properly. To do that pull the carpet pretty much all the way back. The carpet is tucked in around the trim so start pulling on one of the corners and it will come out.

The vent is held in place by 2 christmas tree plugs at the rear. Pop those off to remove it.


Cup holders are next. These will have to go too, otherwise the console won't fit. There are 2 tabs that must be pushed down with a screwdriver. The cup holders will then slide out. Unplug the electrical connector going to the cigarette lighter.

When the cup holders are out the bracket must be removed. It's held in place by two 7 mm screws on the bottom. Then junk yank back to it pop off.

Once the bracket is out we can test fit the console.

I took some measurements with the console in place. This should help with the install if you are unsure how far forward or back it should sit. It fits really tight in the front where the cup holders used to be. You may need to man handle it. I actually ended up tearing the upholstery in the corners.

This is the distance from the rear of the console to the back seat.

Driver side dash.

Next step is to install the shifter. If you haven't yet noticed, there is carpet going all the way across. We need to make a hole in the carpet.

***WARNING*** no turning back beyond this point.

I used a box cutter to slice though the carpet and sound deadening material. Careful not to cut too big of a hole.

When the hole is made you can test fit the shifter. Place it on the floor, no need to secure it yet. Drop the console on top to see how it fits.

From here on it's a matter of test fitting and getting it to look just right.

The shifter mounts to the floor with 4 bolts. I did not use Continental front bracket though it looks like it will fit. I found it easier to align the shifter in place if you drill one of the front bolt holes and put a bolt through it then do the rest with console removed. The shifter will not sit flush on the floor, especially in the rear. I had to use 20 washers on each rear bolt and 6 washers in the front to act as a spacer so the shifter mounts solidly to the floor.

When shifter is mounted in place you may want to put the console in again to make sure it still fits in there ok. Put the top trim piece on as well to see if the gaps are all good.

If you don't need to make any adjustments you can move on to the rear bracket. Continental bracket doesn't fit right around the curvature of the floor so I modded it a bit.

I stuck the bracket in the vice and did some bending of the metal. Red lines show how it should be. Get rid of the little tab that sticks down. Bend it back or cut if off.

Here it is mounted to the driveshaft hump. You will need to attach the bracket to the console first then place the whole thing on the floor so you can figure out where to drill the mounting holes.

When you finally get the bracket in place you are pretty much done with initial install. All that's left is cosmetic work.

The console won't sit flush on the carpet. I was actually able to stick the palm of my hand underneath. I used a few layers of sound deadening material under the carpet to even it out.

This is a picture before I added the extra material.

Now that you are happy with the look you can either do the electrical or move onto the shifter hook up. If you are gonna do electrical, I sure hope you got the wire harness with that console. It will make things a lot easier. Mine came with 2 cigarette lighters, one in the front and one inside the storage compartment. I hooked up the front one to the existing wiring harness for the old lighter. Bulb on the shifter can be wired into the old cigarette lighter bulb wiring.

The shifter hook up is a bit of a pain because you need to drop the column. Remove the kick panel as well as the knee bolster. Undo the little bolt that holds the shifter cable in place. Then slide the actual cable off the hook. More info on that is available here, and here

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Re: Continental center console install - by BigNSlow - 05/11/19 08:01 PM

Drop the column. There are 4 big ass nuts that hold it in place. You can't miss em. I think they are 13 mm. When the column is down you should see the shifter cable way in the back near the fire wall. See arrow.

Now is probably a good time to throw some wood chucks under the wheels. Wouldn't want the car to roll into the street while you are working on it.

You can then remove and discard the column shifter. Instructions available here,

Take out the shiny golden colored hex screws and it comes out. You will notice that there is a wire for OD on/off button coming out of the shifter. Here is where I relocated mine. The Continental shroud is same as CV/GM/MM. It has an extra hole for who knows what. I used a fuel door release button that fits surprisingly well into that opening. This is now my new OD on/off button. On the GMQ I just ran the wires to the door button but it was a bit uncomfortable reaching there any time I want to turn the OD off.

I am not getting into the cable relocation. Read the info in the link above for that info. Here is how the shifter cable attaches to the shifter. A couple of zip ties is all you need to hold it in place. More pictures and info available here,

This is where I finished off today.

If you have a Police Interceptor then you can ignore all of this because you already have buckets. Those of you with bench seats, read on.

Before I go on I should probably mention that this mod is irreversible...unless you replace the entire bottom portion of the seat.

Start off with this.

First remove the arm rests. There are 2 plastic covers that hide the armrest pin. The covers just pop up. Pic below shows covers removed.

To get the arm rest off you need to take the pin out. It may actually be easier to remove the seat back first since it gotta come off either way.

Anyway, the arm rest pin is held in place with a retaining ring. It should come off easily with a help of a flat head screwdriver.

The pin will then slide out and you can remove the arm rest.

The plastic cover shown below hides 3 8 mm nuts that hold the arm rest mount to the seat frame. Once again with a help of a flathead screw driver the cover can be easily removed.

To remove the seat back you need to take off the bottom seat cover. It is held in place by this plastic retaining moldings around the entire perimeter. You should be able to pop them off with your hands.

Peel the cover up to reveal 3 13 mm bolts holding the seat back to the bottom. There is a single bolt on one side and 2 bolts on the other.

On one side you will see a white plastic cover. Pop it off. There are 2 bolts hiding behind it. Remove the bolts and electrical connectors that go to the recline motor. Don't forget to remove the lumbar support vacuum line as well prior to taking the seat back off.

You will end up with something that looks like this.

Peel the seat cover off almost all the way. Everything right of the red line must be removed.

A long sharp knife works great for cutting down the seat cushion. Just don't tell you wife. biggrin

To cut the frame I used an angle grinder. You can use a hack saw or whatever else you got. Masking tape works great for marking the cut line.

Here it is.

Be sure to file the edges so there are no sharp chunks sticking out. I used some black tape to cover the edges as well.

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Re: Continental center console install - by BigNSlow - 05/11/19 08:02 PM

You can now reassemble the seat in reverse order of removal and install them into the car. You will end up with excess seat cover material. I simply tucked the excess to the inside.

Here it is all done.