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Thank you for your interest in the CVN Panther of the Month contest. This contest, is designed to recognize one member each month who, through blood, sweat, tears, and usually a lot of money, has radically transformed the look, feel and performance of their Panther. In other words, this member has brought their car 'to the next level'. This does not mean that members with bone stock cars are not allowed to participate.

Winners will receive the following:
For now...
-Pictures of their car in POTM forum and main page
-Bragging rights
-Even more reason to be proud of your vehicle

Please read the rules and regulations below for further details.

megaphone Panther of the Month Rules/Regulations megaphone

1. Submissions for the upcoming month's POTM will open on around the 15th day of the current month, and will close on the 20th day of the current month a week or so later, or when ten valid entries have been received, whichever comes first with no limit on the amount of submissions. Meaning, we are voting for February POTM at the end of January, etc. There will be a new thread created in the lounge on around the 15th of every month where people will submit their vehicles.

2. Voting will begin on the 21st day of the month whenever we get around to submitting the voting thread, or when ten valid entries have been received, whichever comes first. It will close on the 25th near the last day of the month unless there is a tie. In that case, refer to rule 3. The winner will be announced shortly thereafter. Once again, there will be another thread created in the lounge where people will vote.

3. In case of a tie we will have one day of voting between those contestants which are tied. If after this vote, there is still a tie, the winner will be selected by whoever was the first person to submit their entry.

4. To properly submit your vehicle for consideration, you MUST include the following in your submission post:
- Minimum of four (4) and maximum of ten (10) images of your vehicle posted directly in the topic. Hotlinking to outside pages is not allowed. IMPORTANT NOTE EFFECTIVE 11/11/2017: While you may use the 'attachments' feature on CVN for images, at least one of the submitted pictures MUST BE EMBEDDABLE. In other words, it needs to be posted in your submission using an [IMG] tag and hosted elsewhere. This is to ensure it can be posted easily on the front page of CVN. Members who do not follow this rule will be automatically DQ'd.
- Optionally, you may also include up to two (2) short, videos of your vehicle.
- Full description of vehicle, including vital stats (Year, make, model) and any modifications/upgrades/etc.
- Only Panther platform cars in drivable condition are allowed to be submitted.
- You must currently own the vehicle which you are submitting.

5. Submissions that do not follow rule #4 will be discarded. Valid submissions will be added to the poll.

6. Winning vehicles are not eligible for consideration again for one year following the month in which the member originally won the contest.

7. No bribing of any kind is allowed. (i.e. I will pay $1 to every member that votes for me).

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