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#215566 - 08/08/03 12:40 AM STAY AWAY from Cambrian Ford
99StangGT Offline

Registered: 11/17/02
Posts: 157
If anyone ever heads up or is passing by Sudbury Ontario stay away from Cambrian Ford. Here is my recent experience with them while trying to get my Stang serviced.

Well once again another Ford dealor tries to screw somebody.

Ok some of you may know that my car has a slight vibration between 800-1200 RPM. This issue first came up right before i put my car away for the winter last year. So the winter goes by..i put on some aftermarket stuff...pulleys being one of them(BBK). March comes along, the car comes out of storage and it goes into Ford for a release bearing and my concern about "this" vibration. So they replace the release bearing under extended warrenty but tell me the vibration won't be. So they say the ECU has to be reprogrammed because the engine is "mis fireing". So i tell them to go ahead as long as they think that this is what the problem is. So $120 later they have the ECU reprogrammed. The vibration went a way a bit but not totally all together...i was pleased enough and tired of having my car taken away frrom me for 3 weeks.

..So July comes along. And i notice this vibration getting worse once again. When i was up in Elliot Lake some of you guys looked at it and i forget what you said it was but i don't think you said it was the ECU. Anyways i just got around to bringing her into Ford at the end of July for the exact same concerns..once again the release bearing and the vibration. They told me they couldn't "duplicate" the noise i was hearing (release bearing) so i was like "ok no prob, i'll just stop in next time it starts up again." Then they proceed to tell me i owe them 1 hours worth of labour for taking off the engine belt off. ( this is where it gets good)

Me: What is this for?
Ford: We had to take the belt of to try and attempt to take your aftermarket pulley's off.
Ford: Because we think it's your aftermarket crank pulley that is causing your vibration.
Me: So is it fixed?
Ford: No. We didn;t have the right bolt to put your stock pulley back on.
Me: Ok......
Ford: So that will be $94.xx
Me: Pardon me?
Ford: $94 please.
Me: I don't think so.
Ford: Huh.
Me: You see, you guys charged me $120 back in March for a problem that was supposed to be fixed and now you want to charge me for another $94 for a problem that still isn't fixed. What is this Canadian Tire?
Ford: Do you expect us to work for free on your vehicle?
Me: No. I expect the problem to be fixed properly the first time.
Ford: Well that was 5 months ago.
Me: Ok... and? Do you expect me to continue paying $100 every 4 months because you can't fix it?
Ford: ahh
Me: Listen, There was a vibration even before these pulley's were installed. My buddy's shop even says it's not the pulley's.
Ford: Well if you don't like it you can take your vehicle else where.
Me: Pardon me? Ok i'll be going to the only other Ford dealor in town to service my two other new Fords and our new Lincoln LS.
Ford: Uh....
Me: So your telling me you guys never make mistaked eh?

Mean while there are about 15 people in line behind me now

Me: Remeber the time you did the brakes on our 02 F-350 and forgot to put the caliper bolt back on? Or the time when the LS was in here 3 different times for warrenty work where you installed the wrong part that wasn't even for a Lincoln Twice before it was foxed properly the 3rd time? That's What i thought. That's fine i will bring my buisness else where like you said.
Ford: I never said that.
Turning to the lady behind me and asking..
Meid he just not say 2 min ago that if i didn't like it i could take my vehicle somewhere else?
Lady: Yes
Me: Just to let you know Ford of Canada will be hearing about this.
Ford: uh....

then i walk off.

Man i am so pissed. Freakin dealors like this give Ford a bad name. Looks like i'll have to go all the way across town now to get my vehicles serviced . Atleast i won't have to put up with any more BS ..... Hopefully

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#215567 - 09/03/06 05:47 PM Re: STAY AWAY from Cambrian Ford
92stockvic Offline

Registered: 09/01/06
Posts: 422
Loc: North Bay, ON.
Nice. So, how are things now?

I hate goin' to the $tealership, but I've usually gotten good service.

Here's my story about used car shopping at Stockfish (down the road in North Bay).

I saw this '97 Marquis that looked pretty nice so I wanted to take it (and a '93 Vic) for a spin. Get in the Merc and about 3 minutes down the road I hit a passing lane so I fire it up to pass some guy and see what she's got. I've got it pinned and nothin's happening beyond 110ish. So I look in the rearview to see a cloud of white smoke. The digidash says the car's about to overheat, so I pull over to turn around. That's when the temp-bell starts ringin' like a mofo. So I figure I'll turn the car around n' bring it back since I'm only a few klicks down the road, and just as I pull in the car dies. Fire it back up to keep whatever coolant is in it circulating and go in to find the guy who gave me the keys. Can't find him, but I'm talkin' to some new car salesman I know, and I look outside and the used car guy has the hood up in a cloud of white smoke, freaking out. So I go back and look and sure enough, there's nothin' in the overflow tank.

So I ask him for the keys to the '93 Vic and I tell him I'll check for fluids before I even start it. No oil on the dip. So I ask him for 5L and he brings out 2. Whatever, it's not my car. Bring it out for a run (front rotors were shot, but other than that it seemed ok), but when I brought it back the dip was dry again. A few minutes later I'm talkin' to the used manager and we can see an oil slick under the car. Nice.

By this time, the original guy has dumped in 1 jug of coolant and he's rippin' up n' down the road in the '97 Merc. You shoulda heard it rattling. He comes back n' tells me they're gonna fix that engine if I'm still interested in the car, to which I said "don't do that for me."

You'd think they'd make sure the cars could at least hold fluids before they let people take 'em out n' wreck 'em. Neither car ended up selling, I think.
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#1410472 - 02/28/08 10:48 PM Re: STAY AWAY from Cambrian Ford [Re: 92stockvic]
troyco Offline

Registered: 02/24/08
Posts: 508
Loc: Ontario, Canada
i grew up in northern ontario.....that's the way most dealers do things up there.....the majority of dealerships (not just ford, but the other big 2 as well) in my experience have [censored] service and try and screw you whenever they can. rather than making money on good service and repeat business they try and nickel-and-dime and screw you royally b/c they know the next dealership is usually too far away for most people to want to drive to. that's just my opinion....

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