The following article applies to 1992+ Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Car ('91+)
1998+ CVPI models have a 6g alternator and boast a higher charging output than their retail model counterparts with the 4g alternator ('99-'04, all '98s use the 6g). If you have a -1997 Panther you will actually be converting from a 3g rather than the '99- (non-CVPI) 4g outlined below, but the retrofit is the same. Note -'97 models have spark plug wires and a 6g alternator was never offered, so there is no direct-fit alternator bracket available for this combination (The spark plugs clip onto the bracket on '96/'97 models). Likewise there was no 6g alternator for '92-'95s which have the all-aluminum intake manifold, so something will have to be fabricated.

If you have a 2003+ the procedure is essentially the same but you MUST use a 2003 or newer alternator (PCM controlled voltage regulator) and may require a PCM calibration reflash. Note 2004+ CVPI have a high-output 200amp alternator with one-way clutch with eliminates belt chirp and prolongs belt life.
2005+ retail models already use a 6g alternator.

Also note the brackets are different between the composite and aluminum front coolant crossover '96+ manifolds.

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I recently upgraded a 2000 civilian crown vic from a 4g civilian alternator to a 6g police unit.

The swap added some additional charging ability (110 amps vs 130 amps). But was mainly done because the voltage regulator in the original 4g unit had failed and was no longer charging the battery. And I had a spare 6g police alternator avaliable, but didn't have any 4g crown vic alternators at the moment.

Since the 6g alternator was factory installed in our cars, all of the necessary brackets and wiring are avaliable from either your local ford dealer or the local salvage yard.

The "new" 6g alternator is on the left, the old broken 4g alternator is on the right

here's a top view of the alternators. notice the different regulator connector and the different orientation of the output stud

here's the regulator wiring pigtail to splice onto the civilian vehicles harness so that a police unit can be installed

here's the factory civilian charging harness. for my purposes, i'll cut off the civvy regulator plug and splice on the police one. the output stud wire has a little different contour to it near the terminal, but can be bent into shape with my bare hands

here's the support brackets for the alternator. the one on the left is the police 6g unit, the one on the right is the civilian 4g

here's the police alternator mounted on the civvy engine block

and here's a picture of the two regulator plugs side by side

and here's a police interceptor with a factory installed 6g alternator for reference

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