This article describes modification of the rear bumper cover on 1998+ Crown Victoria and Grand Marquis to tuck the bottom area between tailpipes up tighter against the frame. This is done in an effort to reduce damage to the flexible urethane cover from catching on curbs or when pulling into/out of steep entrances - or simply for aesthetics. Perhaps minuscule, but it should also help underbody aerodynamics slightly.

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This advice comes to us from Sutton Ford. People have been PM'ing me about this mod so here it is.

Rear Fascia Tuck

"The final touch on this dedicated traffic unit is tucking the rear fascia up to the sub frame to keep it from being torn by road debris, objects driven over during median crossing and curb jumping. This tuck saves about $500 in rear fascia repair costs. The step is easy to do but seldom done, and as a result, the OE rear fascia on active traffic cars is frequently torn."

Step 1: get on a creeper and grab socket set and put your face under the rear bumper. -- You can't see it if you are not looking for it.

The preventative maintenance step is as easy as loosening two sheetmetal screws, rotating two plastic hangers out of the way and rolling the plastic fascia up to meet the sub frame. The fascia is secured to the sub frame by using tie-wraps through the same holes used to fasten it to the hangers. This tuck is the sign of a true traffic unit.

The self-tapping screws should have a 9/32" hex head

Heres how mine came out:

-------Courtesy luv-my-2002-p71

This picture, Courtesy Embassy shows the nylon "zip-tie" straps installed through the bumper cover mounts and to the frame crossmember;

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