Between Lonnie ( and myself we put together the list of customer's most common supercharger oriented questions.

What options are out there?

There aren't too many options for those wanting to supercharge a Vic these days. Allen Engineering used to make a fantastic kit but lack of sales and the owners interest caused the company to close. Vortech does not make a system specific for the Vic but it can be adapted just like anything else for a Mustang. You can also get a used blower from a Mustang and adapt to fit. The most important thing is to get the proper bracket for your motor. After that routing is up to you.

I am developing an air-to-air intercooler piping kit (if you get your own supercharger) as well as a complete supercharger system. In the mean time I can help you get everything needed for the system including the system itself. I am a Vortech Superchargers distributor so anything Vortech related please don't hesitate to ask!

If you're looking for a positive displacement supercharger system check out Lonnie at Here is a post on CVN where he talks about his Tork Tech supercharger kit development and what all is involved. BOC Tork Tech kit

Will a Mustang supercharger system fit?

Probably the most popular question! A Mustang kit will not directly bolt on with no modifications. The most important part is to get a kit that will have the proper bracket to mount the blower from the front of the engine. The front timing cover is different between the different years. The other more obvious difference is that the CV throttle body faces the driver's side while the Mustang faces the passenger side. You can either swap the intake plenum to adapt to a Mustang set up and relocate the battery to the trunk or make custom intake piping routing to the driver's side.

You need to figure out your HP goals.

Are you looking for the most HP in a vic, is it a daily driver or weekend car? There's a fine line between overbuilding and building properly. If you're looking for big power a built bottom end is needed. The stock bottom end with a good tune should be able to handle around 400 rear wheel horsepower. If you're just looking for a little more power and the room to grow start with a supercharger system on low boost and start saving for a built motor.

What's an intercooler and why should I have one?

Basically an intercooler or aftercooler helps cool the intake air going from the blower into the intake manifold. For a more in depth description you can refer to this link: Definition

By having an intercooler you help lower the intake temperature charge. That helps keep engine temperatures down which will help curb detonation and pinging. An intercooler is always suggested at any boost level but necessary as far as I'm concerned

Here are some good links on intercooling
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What's the difference between blow through and draw through intake setups?

Draw through is when the mass air flow sensor is before the supercharger and all air from there on is metered. On the draw though systems, the bypass valve has to vent back into the system, as it is metered air, you cannot vent to the atmosphere. A blow through system is when the mass airflow sensor is located after the supercharger and the bypass can vent to the atmosphere. Many tuners prefer blow through because of better drivability and this is what I'll be swapping to when I re-do my intercooler system on the Couch.

For a draw through application (depending on what HP level you'll be running) you can use the Lightning 90mm unit or the SCT 2600/3000 big air mass air flow sensors. Those are the brands I've used or have been involved with builds. Other people have used different brands but those are what I suggest. For blow through most people suggest a slot style MAF like those used on the 05+ Mustangs. I'm going to be using the SCT 5000 slot style MAF when I swap to blow through. You can use a 90mm Lightning or 2600/3000 MAFs but have to run a straight length of the same size piping with no bends ideally 10-12" long. Running a 4" pipe for that long is a little difficult and looks crappy in my opinion.

Here's a good thread on SVTPerformance:
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What kind of fuel systems or upgrades are needed?

This all depends on your goals with the car and how much HP you're looking for. Most will probably use a 255 Walbro in tank pump. This pump is good for most return type fuel systems running up to 425 - 450 rwhp. You can also run the Ford GT Supercar pump, SVT Focus pump as they have bee proven to be more than capable. These are returnless pumps but can be used in a return style system. You cannot use a return style pump in a returnless system. 2003+ cars are using the returnless systems.

For big power a return system is suggested. Return systems tend to cost less to upgrade once you start hitting the requirements for 500 plus rwhp setups. A properly setup returnless system can be used and will support up to 800 rwhp. Blue Oval Chips has developed a dual pump and FPDM setup to support setups like this. You will need a larger feed line -10 and custom fuel rails that support the Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor besides the larger injectors.

For big HP builds you'll need twin in tank pumps or a sumped tank like I'm running on the Couch. I currently run a sumped tank, twin Pierburg pumps with a -10 fuel feed, pre and post Aeromotive fuel filters, Aeromotive fuel rails, Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator, -8 return and 42# FRPP injectors. Others have sumped the stock tank with good results.

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What kind of HP numbers can be attained?

Depending on how many pounds of boost and other supporting mods, 350 hp and up is easily attainable.

What other supporting mods are needed or suggested?

First and foremost the car has to be in good running shape. You can't expect the blower to make good power and your worn out trans try to put all that new power to the ground. A good drive train is imperative in putting the power to the ground. Invest in a good rebuild or built trans if in the budget. A good torque converter with a higher stall speed will also help get the car in the power band quicker.

Any supercharged car in my opinion needs gauges. Bare minimum is Boost/vac, Fuel Pressure and Oil pressure. After that I also highly suggest a wideband air/fuel gauge. All this instrumentation is expensive but it can help save your engine if something goes south. During my fuel pump problems, if I didn't have a fuel pressure gauge and watch it religiously, I wouldn't have noticed the oscillating needle and could have damaged the engine.

A built motor is definitely suggested for getting big power and handling a ton of boost. Ford Racing makes short blocks as well as complete long blocks that are pretty decently priced. You can contact Chris for prices and options. There are also other great modular builders out there. Modular Mustang Racing, Modular Powerhouse, DSS and Boss330racing (in no particular order)

With any supercharger belt slippage is always an issue. For low boost options, you should be fine with the stock tensioner and 6 rib pulley configuration. If you're planning on running 10 to 14 lbs then you'll need to upgrade to a stronger belt tensioner than the stock. Lonnie at Blue Oval Chips has the tensioners on his website and is currently working with the manufacturer for ones specifically for the CV. It is suggested that anything above 14 lbs of boost needs to go with an 8 rib belt setup as well as the stronger tensioner. The Couch runs a stock tensioner (currently) but is running an 8 rib conversion and a tight belt.

Exhaust is a necessity. A full cat back is bare minimum. Ideally headers, high flow cats, etc would be a nice addition and help get the exhaust out of the car. On all 92-02 cars we offer our header and cat package which is what I run on the Couch and is the best bolt-on system available as of now. It includes a choice on either stainless steel or ceramic coated headers with a choice on high flow catted x pipe or an off-road x pipe system. 03+ cars can use the Kooks long tube header package, which includes the headers, high flow catted x-pipe, Magnaflow mufflers with piping to them. I can also get those systems if interested.

What can ADTR do for you?

We are currently developing an intercooler system that will allow one to bolt that on a Vortech supercharger kit and direct the air through a front mount intercooler and up the driver's side to the stock throttle body location. It will be set up for blow through and will be available powdercoated or ceramic coated depending on the owner's preference.

If you don't want to do the homework on the superchargers and buy everything together, we will be selling a complete system including the supercharger, brackets, fuel injectors, pumps, etc etc that should be available shortly.

Contact me for more information or ask any questions in the following THREAD!