Coming June 18th, 2010..........

The much awaited somewhat-annual pilgrimge to the St. Thomas Assembly Plant for all Panther-platform cars now has an official date. The St. Thomas Assembly Plant has been the birthplace of the Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis since 1983, and the Lincoln Town Car since 2008.

The factory is located in Talbotville, Ontario, Canada. This will be the last opportunity for these cars to return to their birthplace, as 2011 will be the last year of production. There will be plant tours, an informal car show with lots of photo opportunities, and lots of talking with fellow CVN members. We also expect to do some racing at St. Thomas Dragway, which is close by.

The event(s) are still in the planning stage, so visit the STAP 2010 forum here:

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We look forward to seeing you for what is always a good time!
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