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#2132666 - 09/04/10 08:00 PM will an 07 engine fit a 93

Registered: 01/09/10
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will an 07 engine fit a 93 if i change everthing over cept the intake and valve covers...meaning i transfer everything over from the 93 engine to the 07 block cept the valve covers and intake...any suggestions? as of right now this is the only fix that my brother has...the problem he is havin is now its really blowin the blue stuff out the tailpipe..i guess i could get the heads re-built..but still the bottom half will have more miles then the top after rebuild..

#2132735 - 09/04/10 10:35 PM Re: will an 07 engine fit a 93 [Re: BLUE99CROWNVIC]
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only up to 2000. after that, their P.I. engines. Performance Improved. We have to use original intakes, which have a diff bore than our intakes. you have to modify the intake gaskets. keep the original harmonic balancer with flywheel. swap over threaded water pump. yes, you can do it. just get the custom intake gaskets or modify yourself.
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#2132747 - 09/04/10 10:57 PM Re: will an 07 engine fit a 93 [Re: BLUE99CROWNVIC]
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No, unfortunately. Lots and lots of changes occurred over those 14 years. The intake would have to be changed or extensive mods to the engine controls, EGR, etc. would have to be done, which also opens up the PI-head/nPI intake can o' worms. The oil pan would most likely have to be changed to accomodate fit in the frame. The valve cover bolt holes may or may not fit, dependent on which plant the engine was made in - a test fit would have to be done. Then the timing cover may not accept the power steering pump (check to see), the coil pack mounting brackets (again check to see), etc. And those are major issues that I can think of off the top of my head...more gremlins may be waiting...

How many miles on the 93 engine, and what kind of servicing was done? Maybe you could rebuild the whole thing, if it's worth it (probly at least $1,500 to do it halfway decent). With blue out of the exhaust, rings/pistons/cylinders could also be worn out.

Another option would be to find a 2000 or earlier engine (nPI heads which would be a more direct swap. Still some things to be done (reuse the 93 intake - direct bolt-up, I think), but much less extensive.
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#2132933 - 09/05/10 12:06 PM Re: will an 07 engine fit a 93 [Re: TheShadow]
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The early 4.6 is notorious for having valve stem seals fail by 100K or less... If it has high miles, you can bet they are bad which is causing the smoke and oil consumption...

My buddy that bought my '93 just replaced it's seals, smoke is history...
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#2132949 - 09/05/10 12:44 PM Re: will an 07 engine fit a 93 [Re: GrandMarq9807]
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Yeah, its probably valve seals. Replacement seals are like $70 IIRC, and it would be a lot easier than trying to get a '07 motor to work (not to say it couldn't be done). Of course, inspect the engine to be sure its the valve seals first.

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#2133051 - 09/05/10 03:46 PM Re: will an 07 engine fit a 93 [Re: BigMerc96]
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If you're going to use an '07 engine, it's better to keep it ALL new: rewire the car so the engine can run exactly the way it's designed to. That's how I put a '00 engine into my '94 CV, a '95 engine into my '83 Bronco, an '88 engine into a friend's '75 Bronco, and how Quint put an '04 engine into his '78 Bronco.
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