The following article describes replacement of the oil filter adapter gasket on 'Modular' engine equipped panthers, including 1992+ model Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis, ('91+) Lincoln Town Car and '03-'04 Mercury Marauder - shown on a 1993 Crown Victoria.

Oil filter adapter gasket failure can not only cause external oil leaks onto the ground and engine block, but allow engine coolant to mix into the engine oil and vice versa.
If you discover engine oil mixing into your coolant and/or water mixing into the engine oil on an otherwise good running vehicle, a faulty oil filter adapter gasket is more likely the cause than a failing head gasket.

Before starting, you will need to order a replacement oil filter adapter gasket;
F6AZ-6840-BA CVPI/Towing (w/ Oil cooler, blue colored gaskets)
F6AZ-6840-AA All other (w/o Oil Cooler, orange colored gaskets)
(Note, despite the No cooler designation for the orange color -AA part, it has been factory installed on several CVPI model years)

The pictured vehicle uses the -2002 style steering system, 2003+ models will not have these components in this arrangement however the general procedure is the same.

The following pictures and information have been provided by mattelderca, some additional information and steps have been added

So, since I could not find any pictures of this adapter or it's associated parts, I thought I would post some. It's an easy job, all standard rules apply.

  1. Cleanliness in this area is a must as particulate matter can enter the oil system. Clean everything before removing the parts! A pressure washer and degreaser works well
  2. Drain Engine coolant into suitable container by turning radiator drain petcock counter-clockwise
  3. Disconnect lower radiator hose from oil filter adapter (inspect hose condition, replace if needed)
  4. Disconnect engine oil cooler hoses (if equipped, CVPI/TOW)(inspect condition, replace if needed Body of Knowledge- Oil cooler hose replacement - by Nomad8324)
  5. Disconnect oil pressure sender wire
  6. Remove engine oil filter
  7. Remove 4 bolts securing oil filter adapter to block, and remove oil filter adapter
  8. Using small rags or similar, plug the block openings to keep out debris and thoroughly clean the block and adapter mating surfaces of contaminants and gasket material. Note, the oil filter adapter is cast from aluminum - a gasket scraper should be avoided as the surface can easily be gouged. Flush the passages on the oil filter filter adapter with compressed air and carb or brake cleaner to ensure there is no debris stuck inside.
  9. Reposition oil filter adapter, sliding bolts through adapter casting and align new gasket.
  10. Torque oil filter adapter bolts to 18lb-ft, starting at the rear ('right' when looking straight at adapter) most bolt first, then working from top to bottom for remaining three.
  11. Drain engine oil, replace engine oil filter with new Motorcraft FL820-S, refill with fresh engine oil
  12. Refill engine coolant with same type currently in your vehicle (or re-use the drained coolant). More information on cooling service; Body of Knowledge - Panther Cooling System (thermostat) Service by JohnG

ENJOY! banana

---Pictures Courtesy mattelderca

Note: Some have replaced gasket without disconnecting lower radiator hose or oil cooler hoses and simply moving it off to side while cleaning the gasket mating surfaces. YMMV

If you own a Police or Towing Package model, which are equipped with engine oil coolers, carefully inspect the hose connections for leaks. Now would be an opportune time to replace them if needed. Please see this article for additional information; Body of Knowledge- Oil cooler hose replacement - by Nomad8324

Related part numbers;
F1AZ-6881-BA - Standard oil filter adapter w/o oil cooler
N806156-S437 - Oil filter adapter bolts
SW-2220 - Oil pressure sender (-99)
SW-5696 - Oil pressure sender (00-)
F6AZ-6840-BA - Oil filter adapter gasket - CVPI/Towing (w/ Oil cooler, blue colored gaskets)
F6AZ-6840-AA - Oil filter adapter gasket - All other (w/o Oil Cooler, orange colored gaskets)

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