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#2433022 - 01/05/12 02:47 AM Auto-dimming rear view mirror retrofit - by lmrogp
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The following article describes installation of an auto-dimming electrochromic rear view mirror into a 2002 Grand Marquis, and can be applied to virtually any year 1992+ panther.

Note, 1995+ Grand Marquis and Crown Victoria LX are pre-wired for the autodimming mirror whether equipped or not. It is possible to obtain the wiring from a similar year CV/GMQ for a plug and play installation (Note, the inline connector is behind the driver's kickpanel for 1995-1999, later moved behind the RH A-pillar with 2000 MY and behind the RH C-Pillar with 2001+ MY)

*Please note the following article is split into two posts due to forum software embedded image limit*

The following article was authored by lmrogp, and was originally posted within This Thread

I salvaged a Gentex Auto Dimming Compass mirror from my CV parts car, and decided to install it into my 02 Grand Marquis.

Here is the mirror, along with wiring harness and compass bracket...

First thing I did is disconnect the battery...

There is a wiring harness for the power mirror, but in my 02 it is located behind the passenger side C-Pillar. I didn't want to deal with
running the wiring all the way from the back of the car, so I decided to source what I needed from behind the drivers kick panel. This
version (compass only) of the mirror has three wires: 12V, Reverse Sense, and Ground...

The Reverse Sense can be sourced from the C213 connector, pin 7 - a black wire with a pink stripe. In the 2002 MGM, it is
the top connector in the picture. This connector is not necessarily the same for all 98-02, so be sure to confirm wiring for
your Panther. The 12V comes from C213, pin 12 - a light green wire with an orange stripe. This is the demand lighting circuit,
which means the mirror will come on when the courtesy lights come on, and will stay on for approximately 15 minutes after the car is shut
off, since that circuit is on a delayed shutdown. The ground can come from any chassis ground point...

My plan is to run the wires up from the dash, through the A-Pillar channel, and under the header to the mirror.

Used three wire colors to make my life easier. Red for 12V, Blue for Reverse Sense, and Black for Ground. The wire is 18 AWG hookup wire...

Disconnect the connector and separate out the wires...

Next thing is to tap splice into the wires we need. Here is the hot wire with the end stripped, and the 12V harness wire with about an inch
carefully stripped...

Use a fine instrument like a dental pick or mini-screwdriver to carefully separate the strands of the source wire...

Position the tap wire in the source wire, and twist it all together...

-----------Courtesy lmrogp
***Continued Below***

#2433023 - 01/05/12 02:48 AM Re: Auto-dimming rear view mirror retrofit - by lmrogp [Re: dRock96Marquis]
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Registered: 02/22/05
Posts: 24394
Loc: Maryland

Before soldering the connection, hooked up the battery to confirm that I indeed had 12V...

Disconnect the battery and continue...carefully apply a thin layer of solder on the connection. Use a low temperature iron and be patient! The
solder will eventually flow. Use enough to hold it all together, but you should still be able to see the wire strands in the completed joint...

Tape up the connection. I would have used heatshrink, but there were too many other wires around, so for simplicity sake I used electrical tape.
In the background you can see the blue Reverse Sense wire, which was connected in the same way...

And I did the ground by crimping and soldering a connector onto my black wire and hooking it up to a nearby chassis ground...

Now that all my underneath connections were done, I neatened everything up with electrical tape and wire ties. Also used some electrical tape to
cover a few rough edges near the wires...

And ran my wires along the A-Pillar, across the header and to the mirror location...

Notice that I had to remove the visor from the header to route the wires across...

Next step was to attach the red blue and green wires to the appropriate mirror harness wires, using the C900 connector diagram as a guide. I confirmed the
wire identities by testing continuity, and the connections were twisted, soldered and taped.

Installed the new mirror on the windshield, tucked the wires in above the header and connected the battery. The mirror powered up,
but it needed calibration, so I did that using the owners manual and all looks good...

Last steps were to reinstall the visor, re-install the A-Pillar trim and and kick panel. Kept the new wires as neat as possible to minimize any chafing or other issues down the road...

Its a pretty straightforward project once you get the electrical straight, and make sure to do your stripping and soldering very carefully.
Thanks to dRock96 for some very helpful wiring info.

---Courtesy lmrogp

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