We all battle the fender lip rust, and rotted rocker panels, and some of us also battle rear wheel well dog leg rust.

The problem is easy to fix!

Fluid film, or bar and chain oil, with a sand blaster gun and some hose.

1. On the end of the sand blaster gun, install a 2ft piece of clear tubing. Or make a gun of your own with long flexible extensions.
2. To access the front fender wells, the only place to do this is to remove the side marker lights. There are two passages that you will feed your hose deep into the fender. One passage goes stright thru and comes out in your front door jam. The other most exterior passage leads directly to the outer sheet metal skin where it rots from the inside out. This needs to be sprayed heavy and the higher the pressure / misting of your gun the better. Both fluids will creep.
3. To access your rear wheel wells, pull the trunk liner back and you can stick your head in that space, and see all the way deeply inside, a hose will need to be fed into the wheel well so you can get the fluid down in the dog leg area. Again apply it super heavy so it drips / creeps.
4. To access the inside of the rocker, remove all the plastic sill plates, and thru all those holes spray in all directions and apply super heavy. Park uphill one day, and down hill the other, this will distribute the fluid thru the entire inner rocker.

Good luck, just got done doing my newly aquired 08'. Its rust free and I want it to stay.

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