This post shall serve as a notice to members regarding the installation of police equipment on their personally owned vehicles. It is subject to change without notice.

Discussion involving marked units that have been restored to their in-service appearance, when the main intent is car shows, parades, charity events, etc. is acceptable, so long as the vehicle is not a daily driver. Discussions about installing pushbars on personal vehicles, even if driven daily, shall also be permitted.

Installing lights, sirens, police radios, decals, etc. in a personally-owned vehicle that is driven regularly is not acceptable. Don't ask how to do it and don't brag about the fact that you've already done it. Don't post pictures of it, either. We don't care if your intent is to help stranded motorists on the side of the road (which is a dumb reason), or if you "just use it to mess with your friends" (which is a dumber reason), it's not going to be permitted here.

As has always been the case, discussions about illegal activity (including but not limited to: pulling people over, impersonation of a police officer, etc.) is prohibited.

Discussions that fall into a 'grey area' will be reviewed by the moderation team and their decision shall be final.

Bottom line, we at CVN will always protect our corporate image of admiring the Panther line of vehicles for their inherent worth, and stop at nothing to eliminate the public perception that those that drive retired cop cars are doing so for nefarious reasons. We appreciate discussions on historic, credible restorations but will resist specific discussion on how to install equipment that is illegal in nearly every state.

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