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#3996204 - 11/14/18 03:19 PM 2005 4.6L V8 Engine Swap
iriMike Offline

Registered: 08/16/17
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Loc: United States NJ
I am trying to purchase an 2004 Grand Marquis off of a gentlemen on Facebook marketplace. It is in bad enough shape to where it is not derivable, legally anymore. (Front passenger side corner took a beating from the pictures)

He says that the engine runs perfect and he wants under 1k for it. 80K on the dash, original miles.
I have an 2005 Crown Victoria without an rear axle and the I was rebuilding the engine but I have come to a stand still on it unfortunately.
I have the means to do an engine swap on it but I was looking for some advice from this community on the matter.

So my question is, Can I take the 2004 Engine from the Grand Marquis and put it into the 2005 Crown Victoria??

Tomorrow I am going 2 hours southwest to take a closer look, looks very promising!

Please please please let me know everything and anything you guys might have for me, I am always willing to read and listen to learn more about these cars.
Thank you for your time
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#3996208 - 11/14/18 04:03 PM Re: 2005 4.6L V8 Engine Swap [Re: iriMike]
ClayBelt Offline

Over the Hill

Registered: 04/03/18
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#3996210 - 11/14/18 04:28 PM Re: 2005 4.6L V8 Engine Swap [Re: iriMike]
Bellwestern80 Offline

Tired All The Time
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Registered: 07/01/11
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Loc: Evans, Georgia
It should swap over, just make sure your sensors and stuff all match up. You’ll need to swap throttle bodies, however, since ‘04 was cable and ‘05 DBW.

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#3996214 - 11/14/18 05:17 PM Re: 2005 4.6L V8 Engine Swap [Re: iriMike]
RF_Overlord Offline


Registered: 12/14/02
Posts: 7251
Loc: MA
What they said ^^^. The basic engine will be plug and play, but you'll need to be careful that you match all the connectors. There were some changes from '04 to '05...primarily the PCM and the switch to DBW, but you should be able to swap over anything you need to the new motor.
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#3996318 - 11/15/18 12:57 PM Re: 2005 4.6L V8 Engine Swap [Re: iriMike]
Fordiesel69 Offline

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Registered: 09/16/05
Posts: 4399
Loc: Erie, PA
04 engine into an 05 car is going to be easy. Strip engine down to oil pan, block, heads, intake manifold, exhuats manifolds.

Reuse All the stuff that bolts to the intake manifold and you'll be fine. The PCM is different on the 05 so i assume some of the sensors are too. So if you can reuse your old ones, do so.

Also skip the oil cooler. The MGM wont have one.
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#4080902 - 10/16/20 04:10 PM Re: 2005 4.6L V8 Engine Swap [Re: iriMike]
iriMike Offline

Registered: 08/16/17
Posts: 4
Loc: United States NJ
SO, almost 2 years later, the swap is basically done.
While the swap itself wasn't too bad, it also helps to had some co-workers want to join on the fun on my spare time. (and a shop willing to let me work on my own personal projects after work and week ends. )
At the moment, the only issues I had were the following.

1.The radiator was a Pain In The A$$ to remove and install, since the MGM was in better condition than the P71, I swapped them.

2.The oil cooler swap was a little irritating, had to switch the housings since I believe the MGM engine set up didn't have one, and the P71 did.
This was something I was caught a little off guard about, but that's my own fault for not enough research.

3.The transmission was the same for the most part. However the 04 MGM does not have a Turbine Speed Sensor (TSS), and the 05 P71 does have one. SO While trying to drive the car, the O/D light would come on and the high RPM wouldn't allow me to go over 45mph without my own fear of damage to the car. I had a Tuner turn it off, it was either that or replace the Trans with the 05 that came out with the old engine.

4.For some reason I'm having an issue with the electric TPS. I get a stumble between shifts from time to time, and the little wrench comes on. I believe the code is P2104, Forced Idle.
I'm planning to run with it for a while and get a replacement IAC and TPS.

5.The Radiator fan did not work AT ALL when installed. I tried everything besides tracing the signal and power wire back to the PCM, since this system is controlled by the PCM. There is no relay on the P71 for this, only other sensor is the Cylinder Head Temperature sensor. I had a good ground, and good signal voltage from the male connector, but nothing from the Power terminal.

My fears getting the best of me, and the limited time i had, i quick wired in a Relay and a hard switch that leads into the Cab, that way i can turn it on and off as i please. I am going to look into a different/aftermarket cooling fan set up to install down the road.

Other than that its fine. I'm planning on swapping most if not the entire interior out of the 04 MGM into the 05 P71.
Also doing some research on adding key less entry. Might have to swap the Driver Door Module.

Any questions as well as advice is always greatly appreciated. Hopefully this helps!!
2004 Crown Victoria LX, 291k Miles,RIP CYL 7, NO MORE SPARK PLUG THREADS
2005 Crown Victoria P71 Interceptor, 101K on old Drivetrain, Newly Swapped in 04 MGM Whole Drive train, 80k.


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