Here is some info on adding a front chin spoiler to your Panther on a budget. Don't want to spend $200 on a Mach 1 chin? Then this article is for you.

Items that you will need are:

1. Garage door bottom seal available at Home Depot. Comes in rolls of 9 ft and 16 ft. There are 2 different ones available. Soft and hard rubber. The choice is yours.

2. Double sided exterior molding tape. Black if possible.

3. Optional wood screws and washers.


1. Clean the smaller edge of the garage door seal with rubbing alcohol. Let it air dry for a few seconds.

2. Apply double sided tape to the clean edge of the seal.

3. Clean bottom edge of bumper with rubbing alcohol. Let it air dry for a few seconds.

4. Apply the seal to the lip of the bumper. When putting the lip around the bumper, make sure it sits flush, some like it back more, but i like it flush. Go slow and make sure to get the tape to stick evenly.

5. Cut off any extra seal material at the end of the bumper.

6. This step is optional but you can secure the lip with screws and washers from the bottom if you are worried about it flying away. Place screws evenly every 4-5 inches.

That's it, you are done. Step back, grab a beer and enjoy the new look.

Estimated cost for this project was about $20 US dollars.

Installation time? About half hour.

* Images courtesy of SgtTaz and Merky_Maquis.