I know there are like 10 other threads on this same subject. I am doing this as a write up for Vicsters.ca so I am starting a new thread.

Parts required:

1. A pair of 2000-2004 Ford Focus fog lights. Not SVT model. I bought a pair on Ebay for $6.75 each with free shipping. Seller id: socalvwaudiparts.

2. 2003-2004 Mercury Marauder, 2006+ Grand Marquis(with fogs) headlight switch. Motorcraft part number: SW-6719. I got mine on Ebay for $57.04 with free shipping. Seller id: autopartstomorrow.

3. A pair of Ford Focus fog light wiring pigtails.

4. A pair of 899 fog light bulbs.

5. Ford Focus fog light brackets.

6. Ford Focus fog light bezels. The bezels are part of a lower grille on a Focus. I got a donor piece from a junkyard.

6. 4 "L" brackets. I picked them up at Canadian Tire. Any hardware store should carry them. There are different sizes available.

I painted mine black.

5. Approximately 50 feet of 14-16 gauge wire.

6. 2 automotive relays and relay sockets )or use crimp connectors but won't look as clean).

7. 6 stainless steel bolts, screws and washers.

8. Headlight switch wiring connector/pigtail. You will need to add 2 pins to your existing connector so I suggest cutting one out of a junkyard car. Any 96-05 CV/GMQ/Marauder will work.


1. Go to a junkyard and find a donor Focus that you can get Fog light bezels out of. This is what you are after.

Fog light bezels are molded into the lower bumper grille. It's a single piece. There is a 13mm nut on each side holding it to the bumper cover. You don't need the whole grille. Just clip the bezels off. I only paid 5 bucks for the pair.

Second thing you will need are the 2 clamps with adjustment screws that attach to the fogs. New fog lights don't come with them so I grabbed those from a donor car as well.

2. Focus bezels will need to be slightly modded to fit on a Vic.
- There are 3 tabs that need to be clipped or cut off.
- You need to drill a bolt hole to attach one of the L brackets.
- Trim the inner edge where the grille used to be on a Focus smooth. This step is purely cosmetic.

3. Next step is mounting lights onto the car. Drill a couple of holes in your L brackets to attach them to the bezels. Then drill a couple of holes in the bumper support to attach the L brackets to the car. I can't show you any measurements because every car is different so you will need to do some work here to figure it out.

One thing I suggest is leaving a small gap between lights and bumper cover so there is room for up and down movement. Also, leave a small gap at the top. Don't mount them flush to the bumper support. These gaps are necessary for any future adjustments.

Now I will let pics do the talking. One of the L brackets is attached using stock Focus nut that held bezel to the bumper cover. Second bracket is attached by a new bolt.

Here is the end result.

4. I won't go into detail of the wiring as I am not a fan wiring. Here is a diagram courtesy of DavidDC114 in this thread. It shows how to wire the lights using a Marauder switch. It works in a similar fashion as factory lights. The only thing it doesn't do is turn fogs off when hi beams are on. I ended up using just under 50 feet of wire on my car.

One thing I want to note is when you tap into the parking lamp. The wire you are looking for is brown.

As far as the Marauder headlight switch goes, you will need to add 2 pins to your wiring connector. Pins 3 and 6. The connector itself is labeled so you will know which pins are which. Use a donor pigtail to get the 2 pins that you need. It looks similar to the one pictured below. The white plastic cap on top just pops off. That will expose the pins. Each pin is held in place by a small clip. If you look inside the connector you will see these clips. If you use a small needle you can lift these clips and release the pins. Then just pull back on the wire and it will come out.

To install the pins you just slide them into the slot and they clip in place.

Here is what finished product looks like. Low beams and fogs.

Parking lights and fogs.