Several people have asked me to do a write up on Mustang cluster swap into a Panther so here it is.

This will show you how to install 1994-1998 Mustang cluster into 1995-2002 Crown Vic, Grand Marquis or Marauder. 2003-2005 model Panthers may also work but will be more difficult to retrofit.

I performed this swap on 2003 Crown Vic.

A few things I'd like to point out before you do this. You will lose your gear shift indicator so if you have column shifter take this into consideration.

Mustangs don't have low fuel light so you will lose that as well unless you add your own light.

Several warning lights on a Mustang cluster are different from those on a Panther so you will either have to live without them or have a custom overlay made with the required warning lights on them.

Parts required

- 1994-1998 Mustang GT or Cobra cluster (V6 won't work as tach is different)
- additional pins for the wiring connector

Tools required

- heat gun
- dremel
- socket and screwdriver set


I won't go into detail on dis-assembly of the dash and removal of your stock cluster. See this write up for procedure.

Hardest part of this swap will be modifying the Mustang cluster to fit into a Panther.

Here is a comparison of stock Cobra cluster and modified GT cluster. As you can see lower mounting tabs have to be trimmed off.

Images below show what needs to be trimmed in the back of the cluster. I can't tell you exactly how much needs to be trimmed on each side. It's basically a matter of trimming and test fitting it in the car until it sits perfectly.

You may also notice that I had to fabricate a couple of metal brackets to hold the cluster in place.

Here you can see the cluster mounted into place. I only used 2 of the upper mounts to hold it in place.

After you figured out how the cluster will sit in the car, you will need to modify the surround. I used a heat gun to reshape stock CV surround to fit around the Mustang cluster. You may need to trim the edges with a dremel.

You have several choices for making a surround. You can get a Mustang surround and join it with a CV surround. You can use fiberglass to make a surround. Heat gun method is probably the easiest.

Once you've figured out physical installation it's time to do the electronics. It is mostly a matter of repinning the electrical connectors and adding a few new pins.

You will find the necessary connector pin outs below.

Pinouts below courtesy drock96marquis.

As far as wiring the tach goes, 1995-1997 models have a tach pin on the PCM. It's just a matter of running a new wire from the cluster to the tach pin on the PCM.

If you have 1998 or newer model year you will need to wire in a tach adapter.

You can find more info on tachs, here.

As far as speedometers go, 1996-2002 are plug and play. When it comes to 2003-2005 models, it will take some playing around to get it to work. Mustangs use VSS signal to power the speedometer. In 2003 Panthers did away with VSS and instead starting using OSS to power the speedometer. The 2 signals are different so you can't simply hook up the speedo pin and expect it to work. More info on that here.

You have a couple of choices. If you have an early 2003 model, like I do, your transmission output shaft may still have splines required to feed the VSS that was present in 2002 and older models. I simply bought a VSS for 2002 model year and installed it into the tranny and used that to power my speedometer.

Another option it to buy a speed cal as and use that to convert the OSS signal to VSS and power the speedo that way. I think this is the only way to go if you have 2004-2005 model year Panther.

When it's all finished it should look something like this.

If you are interested in replacing the gauge faces with a custom set, I suggest contacting Scott from