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#4013274 - 05/08/19 09:44 PM Walbro 255 LPH fuel pump install - by BigNSlow
BigNSlow Offline

Registered: 01/31/03
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I thought I would do a write up with pics of the Walbro fuel pump install since it's not exactly a plug and play.

Tool that you will need:
- 7mm socket and a ratchet
- flat head screwdriver
- scissors
- large round hand file
- permanent market

Parts that you will need:
- Walbro GSS340 fuel pump
- Install kit 400-812

Approximate time required to complete:
- 3 hours (including removal of the fuel pump from the tank)

Begin by removing the fuel pump from the tank. Procedure is described here.

With a pump removed this is what you should be seeing.

Remove the 7 mm bolt holding the pump bracket to the body.

The bracket swings out of the way.

For easier access remove the fuel level sender. It's held in place by two 7 mm bolts. There is also a wire that connects up on top.

Now separate the pump from the bracket. It simply swings forward.

Unplug the electrical connector on top of the pump.

Next part is a little tricky. You need to separate the pump from the fuel hose. Ford uses fancy hose clamps. If you use a small screwdriver and pry the clamp on one end, it pops right off.

So, once the pump is out, you will end up with this.

To remove the fuel filter, you need to remove the metal disc that blocks the filter from slipping off. I used a flat head screwdriver to slip it off the shaft.

With fuel filter off, remove the rubber sleeve off the pump. Be careful not to damage it as it will be reused on a new pump.

That about does it for removal and dis assembly. Now we can install our hi flow pump.

Here is what the GSS340 pump comes with out of the box. Some of the parts won't be used so don't get alarmed when you have leftovers.

I thought I would take some comparison pics. Walbro on the left, stock one on the right.

So, first thing is first. Slip the fuel pump isolator on the end of the pump.

For the next step, we will have to do some custom work. Like I said previously, it's not exactly plug and play and here is why. For starters, take the rubber sleeve that you removed from the old pump and cut off the end so it becomes a rubber tube. I used scissors to do this. You can slide it on top of the new pump. You need this sleeve so the pump sits snug inside the bracket and doesn't bounce around.

Some more custom work... As you can see the fuel pump inlet is a little bit larger than the bracket opening.

#4013700 - 05/11/19 08:08 PM Re: Walbro 255 LPH fuel pump install - by BigNSlow [Re: BigNSlow]
BigNSlow Offline

Registered: 01/31/03
Posts: 41278

Take a permanent marker and mark where the bracket needs to be opened up.

I then used a large, round hand file to make a couple of notches in the bracket so the pump inlet can fit through.

Tada! Fits like a glove.

The rest of the procedure is reverse of removal. When everything is assembled, it should look similar to this.

A couple of things to point out when re-assembling. The fuel hose fits just right onto the new pump so no trimming is required. Use one of the new hose clamps that were provided with the new pump.

When installing the fuel filter, I noticed that it's rather difficult to attach it to the pump. Here is what I discovered was an easy way to install it. Place the filter on top of the work bench then push the fuel pump into it.

Now install the pump assembly back into the car and you are done.

As I've discovered, you may notice that the Walbro pump is quite loud.

Lastly, here is my ghetto fuel line disconnect tool. It's a piece of copper line sliced in half. Works like a charm. biggrin


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