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Oil Cooler Seal Replacement:

There are a total of 8 Seals.

Motorcraft Part Number: YF-2371(They come in packs of 6)

2 packs (12 seals) cost me about $12.50

Seals are in locations 1 & 2

Removal of Hoses.

1. Remove black valance from under car.

2. Drain all the oil from the pan. When oil is done draining replace oil drain bolt.

3. Remove 2 retainer clips:

4. Removal of hoses from oil cooler adapter can be done one of two ways:

a. Remove the hoses from the male connector using a Rotunda Quick Disconnect Tool or equivalent. (I just used a little piece of plastic that I cut from a bottle of windshield washer fluid. A plastic orange juice bottle also works. A plastic soda bottle Will Not work, it is too thin and flimsy. The plastic has to be fairly thick for it to work.)

If the male connector is on the car, push in the plastic sleeve and pull the hose off. If the hoses are removed, as shown below, pull off male connector. It might be a little more difficult to do with the connectors on the car but it can be done! Once you get the feel of it the first time, you will get the hang of it for the second one.

If you have trouble with this step, and only as a last resort you can:

b. Remove male connector from adaptor using a 22mm box wrench.

Note: While 4a. Leaves the posts intact with the oil filter adapter it makes it a little more difficult to remove the hoses. 4b is easier to disengage the connector post from the hose, but it can wear the thread lock/sealant that is on the thread of the post!

Warning! Oil will drain out from the oil cooler when you remove the hoses. Be sure to have something to catch this oil. This will happen with both hoses.

5. Unscrew 8mm bolt from cooler ass'y and pull out hoses by hand. Some oil might leak out.

6. Remove all old o-rings and replace with new ones.

Re-installing Hoses

Put a little bit of oil on the new seals to help them install easier.

1. Insert hoses into cooler and replace 8mm Bolt.

Note: One side of the bracket that holds the hoses has a flat side the other has a recess. When re-installing the hoses, the recessed side should be facing the front of the car, and the flat side towards the back of the car..

2. a. If male connectors were not removed from the adapter, simply push hoses into place and make sure the spring retainer in the male connector is seated properly. You should not be able to pull off the hoses with just your hands.

b. If male connectors are not installed, use a 22mm box wrench to install and the follow step 2a.

Note: The hoses are color coated. The Red hose goes to the upper left male connector and the Blue hoses goes to the lower right male connector.

3. With hoses in place, reinstall lower valance.

4. Refill engine with oil.