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#4047552 - 02/16/20 07:13 AM YouTube video-How to spot fake Motorcraft parts
Rodman Offline

Registered: 06/27/08
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I stumbled across this video in the wee hours this morning, and thought I would share. Hopefully this guy got it right.

How to spot fake Motorcraft parts
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#4048356 - 02/21/20 05:14 PM Re: YouTube video-How to spot fake Motorcraft parts [Re: Rodman]
GM_Guy Offline
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It is good to be aware of those things.
But other than spotting a fake spark plug, really, how are you going to know if you are buying fake parts until it is too late? Its not like you have a bunch of other boxes to compare one to the other. And for that matter, the manufacturing variations from the various feeder plants. (speaking from familiarity with ac delco stuff back in the day)
If like fordtechm. who sees parts constantly and is intimately familiar with the specific details of ford parts and can see a difference. Like the new part number in an old box. Whos going to know when you are standing at the parts counter and you get a fake box or bag handed to you. Sad reality is the fakes are so close that the average joe, and even an all-makes tech isn't going to spot it unless its so blatently obvious.
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#4049308 - 02/27/20 02:11 AM Re: YouTube video-How to spot fake Motorcraft parts [Re: Rodman]
metro21 Offline
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Great video. The amount of fakes (all kinds) out there (especially Ebay) is amazing. I would only buy OEM plugs and COPs from the dealer.
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#4049328 - 02/27/20 08:41 AM Re: YouTube video-How to spot fake Motorcraft parts [Re: Rodman]
AlleyG Offline

Registered: 04/28/14
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Loc: Raleigh, NC
How do they get away with this, I thought counterfeiting was a serious crime?

That video was really tedious to watch, you should get an award for making it to the end. I didn't.

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#4053558 - 03/21/20 09:19 AM Re: YouTube video-How to spot fake Motorcraft parts [Re: Rodman]
BigMerc96 Offline
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I am always cautious when buying ANY $$ part, and especially if its a part that's hard/annoying to change so I'm buying OEM. If I want an OEM part, I don't buy it online unless its from a dealership (like Tasca). I think you're fairly safe buying OEM parts from any major autoparts store, they get them from the factory, and it would in no way benefit them to sell a fake. Online though, like Amazon, don't trust em unless I can verify.

This isn't something that just effects Motorcraft, or even just auto parts. Its a big deal in a lot of products. Newegg, an online electronics place, had a batch of counterfeit Samsung solid state hard drives. I bought what I'm 95% sure is a counterfeit Intel WiFi card for my old laptop. In the case of that card, it WAS cheap, and it DOES work (in Linux), so IDGAF, but if I had paid full Intel price (granted this was only about $15 cheaper) I mighta been pissed.

Its also common in HID headlights. China can make a bulb that fits/functions fine but doesn't have the greatest quality control for $15 in, say, the D2S bulb size. That is a common factory size in Caddys and whatnot, and a genuine OSRAM/Phillips bulb costs $75-$100. Saving money and buying a cheap knock-off bulb is one thing, but they're well known to also counterfeit the packaging and sell them at full OSRAM price. In the case of my Audi, yeah, the cheap bulb would probably work, I run cheapie China HIDs in my retrofits on the other cars, but in the Audi (or most factory HIDs) if that cheap bulb fails and takes out the ballast or igniter you're looking at several hundred dollars.. So I bought genuine OSRAM. The reason I bought them over Phillips is because OSRAM got smart to all this, they put a QR code on the package, if you scan that on their website it will give you the serial number of the bulbs that were sealed into that package when it left the factory and you can read that thru the packaging. Its not foolproof, but its solid piece of mind that if I spend $150 on a pair of bulbs, I'm at least getting what I paid for.

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#4094762 - 02/04/21 04:58 PM Re: YouTube video-How to spot fake Motorcraft parts [Re: AlleyG]
RF_Overlord Offline


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Originally Posted By AlleyG
How do they get away with this, I thought counterfeiting was a serious crime?
Counterfeiting currency is a serious crime. Counterfeiting spark plugs? Probably not as high up on the FBI's list.

Stick it to the man: buy counterfeit spark plugs using counterfeit currency.
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#4095414 - 02/08/21 10:17 PM Re: YouTube video-How to spot fake Motorcraft parts [Re: Rodman]
CrystalPistol Offline
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It is a good video to watch. At $10 a plug or more, worth attention and to remember a good deal that sounds to good to be true is likely not so true.

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