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#3147714 - 04/09/16 02:18 AM Re: Air Suspension - 99 Crown Victoria [Re: fmpro]
bspurloc Offline

Registered: 07/09/09
Posts: 855
Loc: New England
Yeah def shouldn't drop that low.
I know mine is starting to leak or something as the pump kicks on almost every time I start it up in the morning where it used to be maybe once a week or when I filled the gas tank from near E.
I was looking the system over once and noticed the car seems to let some air out on its own though. I was redoing the rubber mount grommets at the pump and was watching it pump up. it finished. I then heard the solenoid click and some air was released then clicked again and stopped.
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#3147754 - 04/09/16 02:59 AM Re: Air Suspension - 99 Crown Victoria [Re: fmpro]
bigROC209 Offline
Over the Hill

Registered: 04/11/12
Posts: 2270
Loc: Stockton, CA
You paid hard earned money and they didn't even fix the problem. I'd definitely be pissed if I was in your situation. For as much money as they charged you, you could have had new shocks and bags.
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#3151649 - 04/11/16 05:10 PM Re: Air Suspension - 99 Crown Victoria [Re: fmpro]
fmpro Offline

Registered: 04/07/16
Posts: 12
Loc: Utah
I just got off the phone with the service rep. He is going to order the air springs and install them on their dime. The part should be delivered in about 5 days. Hopefully, they'll get it right this time.

Edited by fmpro (04/11/16 06:54 PM)

#3151705 - 04/11/16 05:39 PM Re: Air Suspension - 99 Crown Victoria [Re: fmpro]
Paul2281 Offline

Registered: 09/09/11
Posts: 415
Loc: Fl.,U.S.A.
My 01 GMQ LSE has air bags and it must drop just a tad because when I sit in it in the morning and crank up,the pump kicks on for just about 10sec`s..Maybe just because I sat in it and changed the angle of the sensor..But It`s still the original bags and all is working great...
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#3151913 - 04/11/16 08:17 PM Re: Air Suspension - 99 Crown Victoria [Re: fmpro]
stalag Offline
Over the Hill

Registered: 03/29/09
Posts: 3970
Loc: Columbus, OH

The link above shows how easy it is to replace the air bags in the suspension.
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#3168137 - 04/22/16 04:23 PM Re: Air Suspension - 99 Crown Victoria [Re: fmpro]
fmpro Offline

Registered: 04/07/16
Posts: 12
Loc: Utah
I dropped my car off this morning to get the air springs installed. A different service rep called me moments ago to tell me that the car was ready to go. Oh, and he told me that the bill will be $494. Now, I'm a very easy-going soft spoken guy but when I heard the bill I seriously went ballistic. I told him he'd better call the service manager to get it figured out because I wasn't going to pay a dime. He called me back after a few minutes and told me it was free of charge. Oh, BTW, he didn't realize that I sent his manager the link to part to order. The air springs cost them $200. Granted, I realize there is markup, but he was going to bill me 350 for the parts alone! I'm not sure that I can stomach bringing my vehicles to this shop ever again. Hopefully, they did the job right this time. Thanks again for your help!!!!

Edited by fmpro (04/22/16 04:24 PM)

#3168145 - 04/22/16 04:32 PM Re: Air Suspension - 99 Crown Victoria [Re: fmpro]
BigMerc96 Offline

I know nothing
Posting Addict

Registered: 06/05/10
Posts: 19761
Loc: I can see Detroit from here!
Glad they made it right for you. Now you can enjoy another 10 years of reliable air suspension.

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#3168153 - 04/22/16 04:41 PM Re: Air Suspension - 99 Crown Victoria [Re: BigMerc96]
fmpro Offline

Registered: 04/07/16
Posts: 12
Loc: Utah
It wouldn't surprise me if this vehicle is still running in 10 years. Still going strong with 220k on her.

#4069538 - 07/03/20 06:13 PM Re: Air Suspension - 99 Crown Victoria [Re: Chaplian]
user1 Offline


Registered: 03/31/03
Posts: 318
Loc: Houston, Texas - USA
Air Suspension Repair.
It is somewhat unfair to tell someone a major repair is "easy" when he/she has never done the repair before...! It is only 'easy' when: a major repair has been done previously. After you do something once, the how-to knowledge stays with you. There are tricks that make it easy. For example, the rear suspension; *how you lift the rear end of the car, and/or the rear axle housing can mean frustration, or make the job a "piece of cake". Watch a couple of U-Tube videos for the job your are undertaking. Some steps will be easy; some will not. Knowing what to expect and how to make "hard" stuff easy by watching and/or listening to someone else can help..... Kudos to all the responders to the original Post. !!

Edited by user1 (07/03/20 06:15 PM)

#4069558 - 07/03/20 09:13 PM Re: Air Suspension - 99 Crown Victoria [Re: fmpro]
Freddy12189 Offline

Registered: 01/17/20
Posts: 136
Loc: NY
I would never go back to that place ever again. He was trying to take you for a buggy ride for sure and probably has plenty of times in the past. Good you got it working but you shouldn't have to fight for it.

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