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#4076066 - 08/30/20 07:17 PM Rislone gas treatment miracle?
Freddy12189 Offline

Registered: 01/17/20
Posts: 174
Loc: NY
My car was pinging pretty badly on 87 on full throttle so I been trying all types of engine medicines.

Tried Rislone (the one that is 2 bottles together and pour as one) and it literally transformed my car. The power levels feel like I did some crazy engine mods. Starts better, idles better, acceleration is much better and with out pinging. Kind of hard to describe but before I couldn't even chirp the back tire and now I do a nice chirp and feels like its shifting better. Flooring it from 25mph pushes me back in the seat now and just keeps pulling strong. My car is open rear 2.78 gears so I just always thought it was kind of limp stock but WOW now it feels great.

The biggest thing is that it made my BRAKES better somehow. Before it was kind of weak feeling. Hard to explain but it was just kind of "soft" feeling and not really confident. Now the pedal is nice and hard and feels like it can lock the wheels up with ease. Much more confident stops.

My big question is what did this stuff do? Was there something blocked and this stuff blew it out? Like made vacuum better too thats why brakes are better?

I used seafoam several times right in the vacuum hose and the gas tank and never really noticed any improvement. A long with various other medicines and not noticed. This Rislone stuff makes it feel like its a completely different car.

Forgot to add I put it in the gas tank when I had about 1/4 of a tank left and then filled the tank up when the low fuel light came on and about 50 miles into the full tank I noticed the difference all of a sudden.

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#4076070 - 08/30/20 08:31 PM Re: Rislone gas treatment miracle? [Re: Freddy12189]
CrystalPistol Offline

Over the Hill

Registered: 10/16/01
Posts: 2305
Loc: The Shenandoah Valley of Va.
Helped the brakes too huh? What did you do … drink it?

2001 MercGM since 2001, 93K miles, Addco F&R, Bilstein HDs, J-mod, factory duals, Reese Hidden Hitch, AirLifts, Weathertech, XM, easy on gas, 17x7s with Goodyear RS-As make a smooth ride. All as of January 2020

#4076096 - 08/31/20 06:48 AM Re: Rislone gas treatment miracle? [Re: Freddy12189]
Rootintootin Offline

Registered: 02/26/08
Posts: 586
Loc: North Carolina
I alternate between the Rislone stuff and Techron, on a whim type basis. I think Rislone has some PEA or other chemicals for cleaning out combustion deposits.

I run a can of BG44K through about every year or 2 or 3 whenever I can find a good deal. Sometimes you have to buy 3 or 4 cans at a pop to get the unit cost down. I once bought 8 cans for about $8 each. I got tired of using it so I gave 2 or 3 away.

I read somewhere that Redline has a bottle of fuel treatment with the highest concentration of PEA. I haven't seen it on the shelfs when I was thinking about buying, so I haven't tried any yet.

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