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#4070774 - 07/15/20 09:56 AM Product Review: HF "Bauer" foam polishing pad
Old_Guy_Stu Offline

Over the Hill

Registered: 04/28/19
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Spotted this on a trek thru Horrible Fright and thought it might be worth a try:

Show car finish? I'm a sucker for show car finish. Let's see if it lives up to that. Not expensive, and I needed a new waxing pad anyway.

Wash de car, dry well, and load up the pad with your favorite wax (Meguiar's Gold Class Carnauba for me, fight me), run the DA on low speed til you're tired of doing it.

The beveled edge is nice, keeps you from slapping the mirrors, hood ornament, etc with the DA's base.

Can't say I noticed a difference in feel, the wax goes on like wax always does, seems that the buffing stage lasts longer before the wax dries. As for the finish, you be the judge:

Looks PFG to me, but it's hard to convey that in pics with white paint. However, with the "back of the hand test" the finish is smooth as a stripper's ass (I don't have enough experience with babies to make a comparison).

Your mileage may vary, depending on how good your paint is. If it's a little nasty but all there, you can bring it back to life with the blue pad and your favorite compound. Well worth the time.

Verdict: Get one. The results are well worth the $2 premium over the normal black foam pad. And if you're thinking of starting to wax with a DA, do it, you'll never go back.

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#4070780 - 07/15/20 10:59 AM Re: Product Review: HF "Bauer" foam polishing pad [Re: Old_Guy_Stu]
85GT Offline

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Saw those too online. I've been using their brand orange and blue pads for quite some time. I finally wore out the orange and ordered some more 'professional stuff' until i visit a store again.

I too have the black pad, but have never really used it. Once i'm done with the orange and M105, and even if I skip the blue w/M205, the finish is so smooth and polished, that I put down the wax by hand. Actually meguiars M21 sealant. It goes on and off so easily by hand at that point that using a pad would seem less satisfying.

Wish posting picks was easy. PM me if you want to see how one of my caprices came out just the other week.

I'd pick up and try the Bauer cutting and polishing pads when i get a chance though

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#4073004 - 08/04/20 03:12 PM Re: Product Review: HF "Bauer" foam polishing pad [Re: Old_Guy_Stu]
BigMerc96 Offline
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I'm considering getting some sort of DA. It seems like it would save me time.

As for wax, I've been using Meguires Gold Class lately. It shines better than their regular Carnuba Cleaner Wax, and it lasts longer, but it doesn't go on/off as easy and it seems like you don't get as much out of a can either. Its better than most I've tried in the sub-$20 price level. I don't really see the point in spending more than that for wax on a daily driver. I'm tempted to give one of the ceramic sealers a try too, I've sold quite a bit of it but never really had anyone come back and say whether they liked it or not. That seems like a good idea for a daily driver, especially before winter, supposed to offer long lasting protection easily for a relatively low cost.

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#4073042 - 08/04/20 08:42 PM Re: Product Review: HF "Bauer" foam polishing pad [Re: BigMerc96]
124neta Offline
don't get riled, sugar!

Registered: 04/03/09
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Originally Posted By BigMerc96

I don't really see the point in spending more than that for wax on a daily driver.

Any meguires product that ive bought that is "consumer" has been a big let down for me.

That being said, I've applied cases of Meg#7 to my macco'd CVPI without clearcoat. Car would look so black right after an application people would ask if it had "special paint"... lulz.

Having also owned an FU panther I can attest to its ability to deepen that green even through the clearcoat.

I can understand not caring about shine on a daily and just wanting to protect, but ease of application is also a factor.

Meg21 was brought up previously, pretty good results if you are already dealing with a finish that's in good shape, and its stupid easy to apply/remove.

I bought a tin of mothers "ultimate" caranuba paste wax when it was on clearance at menards. I used it for things that "just needed a coat of something". Pretty happy with how long it kept water beading, it was very easy to apply/remove, tin lasted quite some time. It didn't offer any noticeable cosmetic benefits however.

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#4076716 - 09/05/20 03:28 PM Re: Product Review: HF "Bauer" foam polishing pad [Re: Old_Guy_Stu]
LXSport2005 Offline

Registered: 08/29/20
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Loc: Florida
Ease of application when it comes to waxes and polishes is really important. Bad product application can really ruin your day and its happened to me a few times.

I've used lots of Meguiars products over the years, and different products have worked on different cars. On my 1997, the Megs basic red can wax worked great and beaded water like crazy. Ultimate was even better on the 1997. The paint on my 2005 LX Sport has been a nightmare, and all the Megs synthetics stuff seems to streak like crazy. The trick for me is to apply to a small section to see if the application is easy before doing the entire car do I don't get in over my head. Getting long lasting protection out of wax starts with paint prep, so knowing how to use things like polishing pads to clean and prep the surface can really help. Lately on the 2005 I've been loving Bead Maker. The ease of application with a spray on product is overwhelming.


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