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#4098246 - 02/21/21 03:32 PM Re: 2005 P71 Transmission Towing Build [Re: Fopeano]
TheShadow Online   content

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Wow...just WOW!

Sorry to hear about all this. I can only imagine what you're feeling...I've never had such garbage treatment from any supplier. But that all was pre-Covid and, for the most part, pre-Trump/China arguments.

Keep your chin's gonna get better, and you'll be able to post your videos and successes on YouTube, get 30 million views and hundreds of thousands of $$$, retire to Abu Dhabi, and race with the millionaires in the desert!
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#4098284 - 02/21/21 09:15 PM Re: 2005 P71 Transmission Towing Build [Re: Fopeano]
Fopeano Offline

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I don't know about it ending with all that retirement glory, but I'll ultimately win this battle like I do with every automotive problem I'm faced with.

A little off-topic, but we had a older whale MGM in the shop recently and I was interested to find that the front end is really terrible compared to my 05 P71. The control arms are all thin little rusty iron twigs and the front end is a equally terrible pitman arm setup. I'm so glad mine has a rack with heavy aluminum subframe and suspension components.
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#4098594 - 02/22/21 08:43 PM Re: 2005 P71 Transmission Towing Build [Re: Fopeano]
88grandmarq Offline

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Originally Posted By Fopeano
I've had such a terrible experience with parts for this project. It's par for the course even with the German cars I'm used to dealing with, but this is almost worthy of a Vinwiki car story at this point. The short version is that all of the suppliers I spent my money with, and some I didn't, did a bad job. It's only starting to come together now after 6 weeks, and get ready for a stupid read...

First I order all my rebuild parts from Global Transmission, with Raybestos Red Stage 1 frictions and Kolene steels. I asked for a matching add-on for for the extra friction and steel I need for both of the Sonnax high capacity direct and forward clutch drums I ordered from them.

Then I need a torque converter. I wanted one with a low stall speed like stock for towing, which only Monster Transmission sells, and it's upgraded. I get in touch with them and they offer me 2 bolt circles for attaching to the flex plate, 10.6" and 11.375".

Measurements for flex plate bolt circles are generally listed as 10.5" or 11.5", but that turned into a problem. To make a long story short, the real world measurements are 270mm/10.62x" or 290mm/11.38x". The Monster numbers are the closest to accurate on the market, but it ironically is a metric measurement down to the mm. Every advertised measurement is wrong, just an approximation for a truly metric number.

I contacted about this because they list a 10.5"/11.5" flex plate (like most other dealers) and a TCI deep trans pan I wanted (and they are a forum sponsor). Someone there texted me briefly about asking for a real measurement of the bolt circle on the flex plate they list. I was asked a few questions about my build and when I asked to get back to the point of getting accurate bolt-circle measurements, I was ghosted. Because of that, I bought the same TCI pan and a different flex plate from JEGS based on a 11.4" bolt circle in the listing. When I got the flex plate, it measured 290mm (very close to 11.4"). At that point, I pulled the trigger with Monster Transmission on the 11.375" TC and it turned out to fit exactly when I got them both together. I plan to do business with ADTR in the future because of the parts they list, but I now know better than to expect help with anything as a customer.

Then comes the problem with the clutch/steel availability...

GlobalTrans contacted me quickly to tell me the Reds are on backorder and they could only do factory Tans for now. I told them I can wait a month for them to sort out how to get me Reds, which they said they appreciated and would get it worked out. Last week (5 weeks later) I asked what was going on and said that PATC and WITtrans claimed to have these frictions and maybe they could get them there. Without responding, they finally sent my parts a few days later. The Reds came in a factory Raybestos blister pack, and the Kolene steels came in separately drop-shipped sealed-but-broken bags with rust colored blotches on the friction surfaces.

As stated, I needed an extra matching friction and steel for both of the aftermarket Sonnax forward and direct clutch baskets. Global had a single friction and steel drop-shipped for from a nearby Transtar dealer, but only for the direct clutch. I had been very clear that I had bought 2 high capacity clutch drums from them and needed additionals for both of them, but I only got parts for the direct clutch. The extra direct clutch disc that showed up was a Alto disc that did not match the Raybestos discs either in appearance or feel.

I had tried to ordered another set of Reds/Kolenes with the extras from PATC in the meantime, but that was a disaster. I first contacted them on 1/25 through web chat that was ignored, then email that was ignored, then several phone calls that were never answered. Then I just placed an order anyway on 2/14 because I'm getting desperate. I emailed them the other day about my order # and surprisingly got a response. Not that they knew what the order was, just that they were delayed by the TX/LA weather there and were sorry. Apparently that excused the 3 weeks of being ignored prior to that serious problem.

At that point, I ordered a whole 2nd set of Reds and Kolenes off (sold by Raybestos) for a higher cost than that any of the trans suppliers listed them just to get the issue put to bed. I could email Global and ask for the extras to be complete and correct, but their communication has been terrible despite being better than all the rest. The Amazon order shipped yesterday and I'm waiting for them to show up this week to make sure I'm good with all this crap.

I really wonder how people who are 2x/3x/4x deeper into aftermarket parts needs than I am can stand it. 20 years ago, parts suppliers I spent money with cared about their customers. These days, customer service has gotten so bad that I'm thinking of just throwing my whole car hobby away...

Welcome to what I deal with every time I build a transmission. I order parts from 3 different vendors and If I am lucky, I MIGHT get one of them to ship me the correct parts on time. Rock auto and Amazon have been decent so far, but good luck with anybody else.
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